EnergyawareFocus your energy.

Energyaware is our energy management software. Particularly intuitive and open, it allows you to create an integrated system of remote consumption measurement, monitoring and control on your plant.
  • Consumption data collection of electricity, gas, air, water and other sources.
  • Data visualization via browser on PC, tablet or smartphone, with no need for additional software.
  • Simultaneous access to multiple measuring networks.
  • Configurable measure sequences, enabling to choose which variables you want to supervise.
  • Real-time data saving on the Data Manager, local storage for measuring networks up to 1 year and even longer for cumulated data.
  • Automatic configuration of measure networks at startup.
  • Wide set of field communication protocols: RS485 ModBus, Modbus TCP/IP, Radio Sub1Ghz (868MHz), S0.
  • Data Managers NTP synchronization.
  • Connectivity toward PLC, HMI, PC.


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ENERGYBASICENERGYAWAREBASIC (pre-installed on EW900 Data Manager)
• Configuration and data visualization access through login and password
• Automatic configuration of the measure network at startup
• Networking maps
• Configuration of the devices parameters
• Measurement of energy and power values (active, apparent, reactive) and many others electrical values
• Data logging and refresh frequency configuration
• Real time data visualization with on graphic dashboard and tables
• Graphic representation of data (min., max., average)
• Trend visualization with yearly, monthly, daily, hourly and quarter-of-hour drill down • Total network values on an annual, monthly and daily scale
• Remote access available with HTML5 compatible protocols as http: json
ENERGYALARM• Management of threshold and alarm and notification messaging • Configurability of threshold values down on a hourly basis • Graphic representation of thresholds on trend pages • Alarms visualization on web pages • Alarms notification via e-mail and internal logging • Management of the available output signals upon an Alarm event
ENERGYSEND• E-mail and FTP file transfer, http data transfer • Data export on USB key • Export of real-time data on a scheduled basis • Export of historic data based on configurable periods (year, month, day) • Configurability of export based on one or more variable or on meters basis • Multiple reports can be simultaneously sent • Configurable exporting time scheduled or on-demand • Report of consumption data and trends on monthly and yearly basis created on PDF or csv format
ENERGYFFTManagement and visualization of the harmonic content of current and voltage (FFT up to 51th and THD), as measured by the meters and sent on demand to the Data Manager
ENERGYALLData acquisition through standard protocols as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, etc., or S0 pulse interface, and management of data sent by: • Electricity meters
• Gas meters
• Water meters
• Air meters
• Steam meters