(EN) UPS BICKER(EN) Uninterruptible power supply (DC UPS) with integrated Li-Ion Battery.

(EN) Advanced UPS for industrial applications wich does fit perfectly with the IPC of the ESA portfolio.
The ESA IPC is powered even in case of power supply blackout or grid failures.
In case of a very long blackout (see the technical table for details) the UPS via the integrated USB or RS232 connection is able to force automatically the Windows shutdown preserving both the Windows image itself and the running applications.
Power failures, voltage drops, fluctuation and flicker in the 24VDC supply network are filtered in order to ensure the fail-safe supply of the connected ESA device.
L’UPS inoltre filtra eventuali power off momentanei, fluttuazioni e picchi della linea di alimentazione proteggendo il dispositivo ad esso collegato.

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