• 可供应基于ARM non-OS和Windows X86的解决方案
  • 可用作“主-从结构”以从外部应用控制设备
  • 可安置标准设备或远程桌面应用程序管理的HMI页面

BOX 1000

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Windows Real Time Based CNC System BOX 1000 - BOX CNC  
CPUIntel Atom D525 Dual Core 1,86 GHz
Main Storage memory1, flash disks (differect sizes avilable)
Serial Ports 1x RS232
Universal Serial Port Bus - USB4x USB 2.0
Mouse and Keyboard1x PS/2 port
Integrated Sound card1x Audio port set (jack 3,5 mm for audio line output , mic input)
Field Bus 3x CAN BUS , prot. Can Open (+3 optional)
Lan Ethernet 1x Ethernet 10:100:1000


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Box Arm 
CPU Cortex M3 / Arm 7
Digital input20x PNP, with LED status indicator
Digital outputs20x solid state 24Vdc PNP, max current 1,2A each, divided in 3 groups (three different output supply common input) (8+8+4) with LED status indicator
Analog inputs6x resolution 12 bit,
configurable by jumpers as 0-10V, 4-20ma
4 Axes4x encoder input (zero ) Line Driver or Open Collector/Push Pull, voltage 12 or 5V (configurable by jumper) (bandwidth: 1,5 Mhz) - 4x analog output +-10V 12 bit - 4x PWM output or 4x stepper outputs (step + direction)
Main Flash storage memory1x removable SD Flash 1 GB
Serial Ports2x RS232 + 1x RS485
Lan Ethernet – Teleservice 1x Ethernet TCP /IP - Ftp compatible - Modbus/TCP server, with remote desktop function
Universal Serial Bus Port - USB1x USB 2.0 for pen drive
Field Bus 2x CAN BUS MASTER , Can Open protocol
Real Time Clock (RTC)1x Real Time Clock : 24 hours with SCHEDULER (real calendar)