A New Concept of
Human-Machine Interface

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ESA Servo Package Low Power


Esaware Industrial PC

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Web Panel
7"- 10" - 15,6"
Android or Linux

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ESA is launching the production of highly integrated robotic cells

New 10.1” ESA Web Panel

ESA’s industrial web panel family welcomes the new 10.1” version. A new option that adds even more versatility and adaptability to any work environment. Discover all its features in this article.

ESA Servo Package: our Drives & Motors solution

From the integration of two innovative technologies (Esaware Drive Low Power and Esaware motors) we provide a new drives and motors package designed for various industrial fields.

Motion Studio

The Web Application for dimensioning your axes.

Motion Studio makes available different types of axes already preloaded and a huge database of Servo Motors, Servo Drives and Gearboxes.


CNC and Motion solutions for wood, metal, ceramics and glass production machines.

Software Activation

Activate your software license or create your Everyware domain