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ESA Participation at SPS Italia 2019

SPS Italia 2019 - Le novità di ESA Automation
Great success and participation for ESA at SPS Italia 2019. During the three days of the event (from May 28th to 30th), we presented our latest industrial solutions. Our ERGO ergonomic station, new motion libraries for Esaware EW100 HMI, and ESA Servo Package (EWML + EWDL) got the attention of many participants, demonstrating once again the commitment of our brand in innovating the Italian and global industrial market.


Big Data Management in Smart Factories

Big Data Management - ESA Automation
The complexity of smart production systems generates new challenges in the industrial sector. In particular, the ever growing flow of data circulating in the Smart Factory requires rally efficient Big Data management systems.

In the factory of the future, production systems no longer follow a hierarchical structure. In fact, they are heterogeneous and flexible ecosystems, in which devices interact with each other in unified networks and with an event-based communication. System interconnectivity is fundamental to facilitate this communication.


The Role of Cobots in Industry 4.0

Cobot Industria 4.0 - Esa Automation
What is the role of collaborative robots, or cobots, in Industry 4.0? In Smart Factory and IoT era, this new technology finds its perfect location. In fact, market researches foresee a significant increase in the sale of cobots over the next few years.

On this regards, recently ESA presented a solution for monitoring and controlling cobots. Read on to learn more.


How Blockchain is changing Cybersecurity

blockchain e cybersecurity
After finance, blockchain has approached the complex field of online security. Due to the increasing number of attacks (+ 31% in 2018, source Clusit), investing in cybersecurity has become a priority for all the biggest companies.

Among the available technologies, blockchain-based solutions are proving particularly effective and promising. So much so that even NASA has decided to implement blockchain technology in order to increase IT security and prevent cyberattacks.


Augmented Reality and Industry 4.0 Applications

When it comes to augmented reality, industry is one of the most promising fields of application. Companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve the production process and make it more efficient and user-friendly, and AR presents numerous opportunities.

Created for entertainment, this technology is entering more and more contexts. What makes it particularly interesting is its interactive nature, which opens the door to a unique and unprecedented productive creativity.


ESA Tubular Motor and Energy Saving

motori tubolari esa - rispamio energetico
“Think Electric!” This is the philosophy of the new ESA linear tubular motors, designed to increase energy saving in industry and improve your performance. An efficient, flexible and powerful solution, ideal for all major industrial sectors.


ESA Servo Package: the Drives & Motors Solution Based on EtherCAT

ewdm ewml
A single complete Drives & Motors solution for cost-sensitive applications. This is the essence of ESA Servo Package, the new drive-motor bundle designed for packaging, positioning table control, delta robot, conveyor belts and automation applications in general.


5G and IIT: Industrial Trends of 2019

What are the main industrial trends of 2019? The industrial sector keeps evolving, with new technologies, needs and developments thatleave their mark on the market. This year, 5G and Industrial IoT (IIoT) stand out as the two most influential and talked about trends.


SPS Italia 2019 Hot Topics

SPS italia 2019 - Automazione industriale
SPS Italia 2019 is ready to talk about smart, digital and flexible industry. It’s almost time for the 9th edition of the industrial automation and digitalization exhibition, which will take place in Parma from May 28 to 30.


New Network Remote I/O Esaware: Discover all Features

More connectivity and configurability: ESA Automation launches the new network remote I/O EW620, the latest addition to the range of industrial automation solutions Esaware. Designed according to the IoT and Industry 4.0 principles, this new device presents innovative features such as the possibility to connect up to 63 modules and the integration of ten fieldbus.