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ESA Automation CNC Motion Controller Solutions

What are the ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions? In this articles we will see which are the best products to optimize and maximize the productivity of the machineries in a production plant, such as machines tool for various materials, packaging and textile.


Cloud Technology and Its Applications in Industrial Automation

During these past years there has been a lot of talking about Cloud technology. Both on a consumer and on a corporate level, it has confirmed itself as the new trend around which the biggest technology brands must develop their products and softwares.

The same goes for the industrial sector, which through Cloud computing tries to optimize its processes. In a context such as industrial automation, in which technological efficiency is the key to productivity, the Cloud is the missing link that makes it possible.

And this is why ESA Automation has launched its Cloud service.

Find out what are the ESA Automation solutions to company digitalization.



ESA Automation IPCs and Industrial Monitors

IPC e Industrial Monitor di ESA Automation
Visualization and control are fundamental elements in industrial automation.

That is why the ESA Automation IPC and industrial monitor solutions introduce a state-of-the-art technology capable of simplifying the operator’s job.

Find out what are the most important features in a Panel PC.


Cloud Computing and Company Digitalization: the ESA Automation Solution

cloud computing e digitalizzazione
The new ESA Automation solution for Cloud computing and company digitalization marks a new step in the actualization of the principles of Industry 4.0 in industrial automation. In fact, thanks to this new data saving and exchanging online platform, production plants become an even more open and optimized system. Let’s see how.


The New ESA Automation Solutions Presented During SPS 2016

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Did you miss the SPS IPC Drive 2016 convention? No worries: in this article you can still discover all the new ESA Automation solutions presented at SPS.

This year too we had a great time participating to the Parma exhibition, that ended on a great note thanks to the record of participants and to many interesting ideas.
A lot of enthusiasm at the ESA Automation stand as well, where many visitors had a chance to see, the latest solutions for industrial automation of the company. From the innovative ESA Automation Cloud service to the customized SMS credit management.


Industry 4.0: Find out more about the new ESA Automation Cloud

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Industry 4.0: Find out more about the new ESA Automation Cloud Connectivity and accessibility are two fundamental elements in industrial automation. That is why among our recent new features, we have created the ESA Automation Cloud service.

The possibility to exchange data in the fastest and easiest way possible is an important requirement when we talk about Industry 4.0. In fact, it is based on the concept of efficiency and Internet of Things, for which automatic communication among devices is necessary. And the ESA Automation Cloud allows – and makes it easier – it.


All Esaware Industrial IPCs features

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In industrial automation, plant control is the foundation of the entire productive system. That is why it is necessary to rely on safe industrial IPCs with a last generation technology. That is the case of Esaware industrial IPCs: devices that are integrated with the most important innovations in the industrial field and that are available in the Box IPC and Panel IPC variants.


CoDeSys: The Software to Program According to the IEC 61131-3 Standard

Safety and versatility. ESA Automation integrates its solutions for industrial automation with the development ambient that it’s synonymous with industrial excellency.

I’m talking about CoDeSys, software to program according to the IEC 61131-3 Standard.

Esaware is the perfect context for such an addition, because it increases the potential of the line and creates the ideal synergy for any application.


ESA Automation Industrial HMI Solutions with Touch Panel

Industrial HMIs are the proof that, in the industrial field, technology is constantly evolving. Todays market is a digital one and we need devices that are able to support companies within a highly competitive scenario, where expectations are higher and higher. This is true both from a hardware point of view, with powerful and safe technology, and from a software one, with efficient and intuitive systems. In fact, what is the goal of technology in industrial automation if not simplifying production processes? And this is exactly on of ESA Automation’s main objectives, that with its Industrial HMIs with touch panel makes the operator’s job easier and more intuitive.


6 Fundamental Features in a Panel PC

How do you recognize a great PC Panel? First, from its features. It must have those characteristics that can make it right for the industrial context of today. That is why our Esaware range has last-generation display computers for industrial applications. The EW200 Panel Pc line offers solutions that has unique design and that are full of technological innovations conceived to perfectly adapt to the needs of the Industry 4.0. Let’s see which 6 features are fundamental in a PC Panel