Satellite Internet in Industry 4.0

Satellite communication is constantly evolving, with higher data transmission speeds, wider coverage, and lower costs. In addition, satellite constellations are increasing, and with them the opportunities and growth potential of this technology.

With global and increasingly reliable and high-performance coverage, satellite Internet can therefore help support the growth of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In particular, it plays a fundamental role in accelerating business digitalization and developing smart manufacturing.

How satellite Internet can help Industry 4.0

1. It helps increase efficiency.

Satellite Internet helps make production and Industry 4.0 more efficient. Better communication allows us to improve collaboration between different and remote sites, reduce timescales, and increase access to resources. And that’s not all: it enables the monitoring and analysis of large amounts of data, which can be analyzed to make better decisions and optimize operations.

2. Guarantees greater reliability.

This technology provides reliable Internet access. Unlike terrestrial broadband services, which are subject to factors that can damage or disrupt physical infrastructure (for example, weather conditions), satellite Internet is less susceptible to these problems. In this way, operators can count on a more consistent and stable connection.

3. Supports IoT enabling technologies.

The importance of satellite Internet in Industry 4.0 is evident from another element: it can accelerate the development of new technologies. This is because a faster, more reliable connection provides access to real-time data and allows developers to quickly test and deploy new solutions.

4. Promotes the development of new areas.

Satellite Internet increases connectivity and Internet access globally. This also includes remote and rural locations that were previously difficult to reach, if not inaccessible. This is crucial in the growing IoT market, which requires connectivity in a greater number of areas, even isolated ones.

5. It can reduce production and implementation costs.

First, a more efficient and faster connection helps reduce production costs. For example, it helps to cut time and reduce the need for additional staff, because it allows you to manage sites remotely. Furthermore, satellite Internet also helps reduce costs associated with implementing IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions. Because it provides access to remote sites, it helps reduce the need for expensive infrastructure and hardware.

Overall, satellite Internet will have a huge impact on Industry 4.0, presenting new growth opportunities and supporting the implementation of innovative and more efficient technological solutions.