Configuration and installation flexibility: Lumia ARM, the new ESA range of industrial PCs and monitors with arm fixing system, is about to be launched.

Lumia ARM: news and main features

The first feature of the Lumia ARM range is its installation method. Equipped with an arm mounting system, the new ESA industrial PCs and monitors guarantee easy fixing on a pulpit or control station. Furthermore, thanks to the arm, the device is light and can be easily repositioned and adjusted. This way, the operator’s work is facilitated and optimized. But that is not all. The cable routing for the power supply and connection of the product is integrated inside the arm with no exposed parts. This not only does not interfere with the movements of the structure but helps keep the work area tidier and safer. The integrated keypad, handle and keyboard-mouse support complete the control station.

Flexibility and versatility are not just about mounting. Lumia ARM also stands out for its complete configurability. The vast portfolio of components allows clients to create the arm layout best suited to the characteristics of their machine.

To increase safety and performance, the motherboards are equipped with latest generation fanless processors. These guarantee higher performance and, at the same time, prevents the accumulation of dust, reducing the need for maintenance interventions on the product.

Available in aluminum or steel, the solution features four independent LAN ports. Which allows the separation between the machine network (OT) and the customer infrastructure (IT). Finally, the KREO PC manager software package completes the offer for use in multi-client applications strongly oriented towards IIoT and data exchange with Edge-Cloud platforms.

Technical features of Lumia ARM

  • Operating System W10 – W11 – Linux
  • 15”, 15.6”, 18.5”, 19”, 21.5”, 24”, 27” inch wide screen 4/3 and 16/9 high resolution and high
  • brightness display
  • True flat full glass front with capacitive touch
  • Arm mounting with IP65 degree of protection on the whole product
  • Wide range of processors from Intel Celeron J6412 to 11th generation Intel i7
  • 4 independent LAN ports
  • 2 RS232/485 COM ports
  • 6 USB 3.2 ports
  • 1 HDMI video output
  • User configurable arm with rich catalog of components
  • Solution available in aluminum or steel
  • Up to 8 hard wired slots for commands, lamps, selectors, emergency button