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A New Concept of Human-Machine Interface

Interfaccia Uomo Macchina - Ergo - HMI
For the past decades, the evolution of the concept of human-machine interface has defined the industry. Today, with trends such as the Internet of Things and digitalization, we need increasingly sophisticated and interconnected HMI systems to operate in production plants.

In all industrial sectors, from automotive to the health sector, companies need interfaces that can make operations as immediate and intuitive as possible. Just like our everyday devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

That is one of ESA Automation’s main goals. Our team of technicians and IT experts is constantly working on HMI solutions that can integrate all the Industry 4.0 principles. Starting with ERGO, our new all-in-one control system.


Nuova Sabatini and Hyper-Depreciation 2019

Nuova Sabatini 2019 - Iperammortamento
Great news: the Nuova Sabatini and the hyper-depreciation have been reconfirmed by the Ministry of Economic Development. The government has financed 480 million euros to encourage and facilitate the purchase of new machinery, plant and equipment by SMEs.

On February 7th 2019, it became possible to submit applications, according to Directorial Decree no. 1338 of January 28th 2019.


NIS Directive and Cyber Security in ESA Automation Products

The European NIS Directive has once again called the attention to the importance of cyber security in Industry 4.0. The growth in digitalization has increased the need for solutions that can prevent cybernetic attacks and fight digital threats. Solutions like those offered by ESA Automation, which has always put security – as well as connectivity – at the center of its products.


5 CNC & Motion Solutions by ESA Automation for Industrial Machines

ESA Automation offers multiple CNC & Motion solutions for machining different materials. We develop “turnkey” software that are customized according to our customers’ needs, so as to increase the efficiency and productivity of their systems. In this article we want to present five of these solutions.


ESA Automation and Its Customer Orientated Solutions

After technology and digitalization, today competitiveness in the industrial depends on another differential factor: customer orientation. Product and service customization, as well as the complete experience that a brand offers its customers, has a key role, as important as innovation and quality. This is why ESA Automation has designed and developed its Esaware range of industrial automation solutions based on the specific needs of customers.


EWDU: Simplicity and Compactness

Compact, convenient and easy to program. The new ESA Automation single-axle compact servo drive EWDU is a dynamic and user-friendly solution for motors up to 400W. The ideal way to make any production plant more efficient and customized.


SPS 2018, the Eight Edition Wraps Up

SPS Italia 2018 is over and ESA Automation couldn’t be prouder. Three intense days of technology and conferences, during which we have connected more than ever with the world of Italian industry.


Task Motion: the New Complete Solution from ESA Automation

A single device to control and manage all functions of machine automation: it’s the ESA Automation Task Motion.

Presented during SPS Italia 2018, it’s a complete solution that integrates our industrial automation technologies and the know-how we acquired with Elcon and Selema.


SPS Italy 2018 Preview: Must-See Events

Parma, May 22-24 2018 – just a few weeks left to the beginning of SPS Italy 2018 and ESA Automation’s participation to the event. This year’s focus: automation and digital solutions for industry. A theme perfectly in line with our philosophy and the products that we have developed for Industry 4.0.


ESA Automation Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Due to the advancing digitalization, smart manufacturing becomes everyday more concrete. Thanks to digital technologies, in these past years manufacturing has evolved, reflecting more and more the ideal of Industry 4.0. Internet of Things and Big Data have become the focus of industrial automation solutions, aiming to make the production process more autonomous and efficient. This is what we call smart manufacturing.