NERVO DRIVEServo drive for Traction and Pump

NERVO Drive is the latest standard for compact and reliable control of traction and pump applications. With a battery voltage between 24 Vdc and 72 Vdc, the NERVO controllers provide OEMs with a good combination of power, performance and functionality.
Compactness, ruggedness and high efficiency allow its integration in very tight spaces without output performance derating. Its design has been optimized to minimize installation costs, whilst still maintaining superior reliability even in the most demanding applications.

NERVO Drive is available in three different sizes, from 30 A up to 130 A continuous current output, which enables it to control a wide range of motors, such as PMAC brushless and asynchronous with configurable feedback devices.
CAN open standard fieldbus communication and different configurable I/Os complete this high reliability bundle.

  • Configurable Feedback
  • Firmware customization
  • 2 Digital inputs
  • 2 Analogue inputs
  • 3 Internal Temperature Sensor
  • 1 Inclinometer (for safe control of dangerous behaviour of vehicle)


Scarica pdf

Battery Rated Voltage (V DC)12..4824..4824..48
Minimum Voltage (V DC)8..2018..2018..20
Maximum Voltage (V DC)32..7032..7032..70
Output Power @ 48VDC (W) 66036005400
Rated Current (A)2570100
Peak Current (2 min) (A)40100150
Boost Current (10 sec) (A)50120200
PWM Frequency (kHz)101010
Digital Input2x +24 Vdc2x +24 Vdc2x +24 Vdc
Digital Output222
Analogue Input2x programmable 0..10V2x programmable 0..10V2x programmable 0..10V
FeedbackHall, Incremental, SinCos, SensorlessHall, Incremental, SinCos, Resolver, SensorlessHall, Incremental, SinCos, Resolver, Sensorless
ProtectionI²T, thermalI²T, thermalI²T, thermal
Brake managementInternalInternalInternal
Motor typesBrushless AC - Asynchronous
Connection TypeM6 busbarM6 busbarM6 busbar
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 … + 50 (not condensing)-40 … + 50 (not condensing)-40 … + 50 (not condensing)
Storage Temperature (°C)-40 … + 85-40 … + 85-40 … + 85
Humidity5% .. 85% (not condensing)5% .. 85% (not condensing)5% .. 85% (not condensing)
Altitude Up to 1000 m above sea level without deratingUp to 1000 m above sea level without deratingUp to 1000 m above sea level without derating
Protection degree IP 20IP 20IP 20
StandardsEN 61800-3:2004 + A1:2012EN 61800-3:2004 + A1:2012EN 61800-3:2004 + A1:2012
EN 61800-2 2015EN 61800-2 2015EN 61800-2 2015
EN 61800-5-1 (2007)EN 61800-5-1 (2007)EN 61800-5-1 (2007)
2014/30/EU - 2014/35/EU - 2011/65/EU2014/30/EU - 2014/35/EU - 2011/65/EU2014/30/EU - 2014/35/EU - 2011/65/EU