POLYMATHIT, SC and VT operator panels configuration

Configuration software for programming IT, SC and VT operator panels


  • Wide objects library
  • Level project page management
  • Project data importing/exporting
  • Stored data transfer
  • Project back-up and restore
  • Terminal orientation
  • Offline and online simulator
  • Dictionary
  • Automatic project storage
  • Device memory balance
  • Indirect addressing


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POLYMATH SMARTCLICKPOLYMATH SMARTCLICK (SC) - programmming software for SC family
POLYMATHHMIPolymath HMI software kit (IT, SC, VT)
POLYMATHKITPolymath Advanced software kit (PC, XS, XB, IT, SC, VT)
PCMACHINE-512Runtime Polymath License - 512 tags
PCMACHINE-1024Runtime Polymath License - 1024 tags
PCMACHINE-2048Runtime Polymath License - 2048 tags
PCMACHINE-4096Runtime Polymath License - 4096 tags
PCREMOTEACCESSPC Remote Access licence
ESADBCONNECTESA Database Connection software licence