Polymath is the configuration software for programming IT, SC and VT operator panels.

Polymath integrates a large number of optimised functions such as

  • Rich object library
  • Level project page management,
  • Importing/exporting project data
  • Transferring stored data
  • Project back-up and restore
  • Terminal orientation
  • OFF-LINE and ON-LINE simulator
  • Dictionary
  • Automatic project storage
  • Device memory balance
  • Indirect addressing

The advanced Polymath controls allow for the management of data structures, such as Recipes, Trends, Data Logs, active and historical alarms and User management in a quick and intuitive manner.

Polymath features:

  • Data and trend storage
  • Passthrough
  • VB script with intellisense
  • Pop-ups and Frames
  • Scheduler
  • handling objects

Polymath is a tool for problem-free interaction with any device, creating panel networks and powerful supervision systems, as well as for carrying out any remote activity and being always on-line thanks to notifications sent via e-mail and SMS. Polymath also offers Automatic connection to relational databases This tool allows exporting data from HMI panel or Polymath PC application to the most popular relational databases, such as SQL server. The data is recovered and arranged autonomously relieving the system from any other task. This way, you can freely manage the data structure to be exported in order to perfectly adapt to existing situations without annoying and expensive conversion operations.


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POLYMATH SMARTCLICKPOLYMATH SMARTCLICK (SC) - programmming software for SC family
POLYMATHHMIPolymath HMI software kit (IT, SC, VT)
POLYMATHKITPolymath Advanced software kit (PC, XS, XB, IT, SC, VT)
POLYMATHPREMIUMPolymath Premium software kit - Upgrade of the Polymath HMI version to the Advanced version
The kit contains the following items:
CVUSB11202 Programming Cable PC USB-A/IT VT 9 pin female
PCMACHINE-512Runtime Polymath License - 512 tags
PCMACHINE-1024Runtime Polymath License - 1024 tags
PCMACHINE-2048Runtime Polymath License - 2048 tags
PCMACHINE-4096Runtime Polymath License - 4096 tags
PCREMOTEACCESSPC Remote Access licence
ESADBCONNECTESA Database Connection software licence

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