SoftPLCPLC logic development software

The most popular and complete IEC 61131-3 development environment for industrial controllers programming.

  • Thanks to the integration with CREW, it allows you to share and use all project data on our SCADA.
  • CODESYS Runtime and EtherCAT master are the ideal solution for any PLC application, local or distributed.
  • Ladder diagram
  • Structured text
  • Sequential function chart
  • Continuous function chart
  • Function block diagram
  • Trace functions
  • Offline simulation
  • IEC programming languages can be combined within the same SoftPLC application
  • Target conversion
  • Variables standard formats: BYTE, WORD, DWORD, SINT, USINT, INT, UINT, DINT
  • Symbolic operands with no length restriction
  • Context-sensitive help functions
  • Global search and replace tool
  • Disc space check prior to download
  • Unlimited number of function parameters