All Esaware Industrial IPCs features

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In industrial automation, plant control is the foundation of the entire productive system. That is why it is necessary to rely on safe industrial IPCs with a last generation technology. That is the case of Esaware industrial IPCs: devices that are integrated with the most important innovations in the industrial field and that are available in the Box IPC and Panel IPC variants.

Industrial IPCs and their role in the Industry 4.0

In its line Esaware, ESA Automation offers a wide range of industrial IPC solutions for any application and industrial sector. These are versatile, tough and easy-to-use products, created according to an Industry 4.0 point of view. The goal is to anticipate our clients’ needs and to offer industrial IPCs capable of perfectly adapting to any production context: including the future industry one. Find out more about Industry 4.0 and the ESA Automation products. In fact, these devices introduce state-of-the-art technology, by integrating indispensable innovations and features for the Smart Factory, which aims to maximize efficiency in the production process and – by doing so – to increase sustainability. For example, the integration in industrial IPCs – both Box and Panel – of details such as the USB 3.0 (ten times faster than USB 2.0) or the SoC (System-on-Chip) technology, which offers better performances with less consumption.

Esaware industrial IPCs: visualization and endurance

ESA Automation offers industrial IPCs both as Box and Panel, satisfying two of the most important requirements in industrial automation: visualization of the plant and device endurance. First, thanks to the 16:9 wide screen display LED backlit with resistive and capacitive touch screen. Yes, because the EW200 industrial IPCs, available in different sizes from 12.1” to 21.5”, guarantee up to 40% more of visualization surface. One feature that will improve the operator’s job for sure. But that’s not all. In some industrial environments, work conditions are very difficult, if not extreme. And ESA Automation knows it well. Temperature shocks, vibrations, usage: there are many factors that can damage an electronic device and this would end up compromising the entire production process. That is why the line of solutions for industrial automation Esaware offers resistant and safe industrial IPCs. For example, our Box IPCs: the best you can ask for technology when it comes to stability. Why? First, thanks to the Heat-Pipe cooling system, which has allowed us to integrate last generation CPUs up to Intel® Core™ i7 quad core, despite them being fanless products. Furthermore, the endurance of our industrial IPCs is due to the quality of materials and to the innovative design Twist. A PTFE coated surface, slightly inclined and nonstick, that prevents the accumulation of dust and other corrosive substances, that would damage the device on the long run. These are all the ESA Automation industrial IPCs features, which make these devices trustworthy and innovative solutions to control and command any production plant.