Big Data, Italian Growing Market

In 2022, the Italian Big Data market will grow by 20% compared to 2021 and reach a value of over 2.4 billion euros. This was revealed by the research of the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory presented during the conference “Data-driven culture: connecting algorithms and people.”

Big Data market 2022: growth and trends

According to the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory, Italian companies’ investments on software, infrastructure resources and services related to data management and analysis will grow by 20% in 2022. The value of the Data & Analytics market in Italy reaches thus a value of 2.41 billion euros, marking a clear recovery after the setback due to the pandemic.

Investments in data management and analytics software are the main driver of this growth. In fact, they represent 54% of the total market, with a +25% compared to 2021. A less sustained increase, however, for spending on infrastructure resources, which remains below the market average.

The trend is transversal and involves all product sectors. However, in contrast to previous years, 2022 sees large-scale distribution/retail, public administration, and healthcare at the top of growth. For example, the Analytics budget earmarked for Public Cloud services is growing at twice the rate of the market average and makes up nearly a quarter of spending on Data Management & Analytics solutions and services.

“Despite the difficulties of the global scenario, in 2022 Italian companies continue to show great interest in Analytics!”, comments Carlo Vercellis, Scientific Director of the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory: “The maturity of organizations towards a data culture is growing- science-driven and at the same time the market, which has left behind the dark period. But the challenge for those who have started Advanced Analytics trials or projects now is that of industrializing processes to guarantee data efficiency and governance at all levels.”

Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory research

In its tenth edition, the research of the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory of the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic analyzes the market and the state of the art of the Data & Analytics world in Italy. This with the aim of highlighting the innovative potential, the strategic value and the advantages of Big Data relating to competitiveness, profitability, timeliness and increased effectiveness in decision-making processes in companies and in the Public Administration.

In particular, it aims to:

  • Quantify and analyze the Data & Analytics market in Italy, ie the spending of organizations on data management and analysis solutions and services;
  • monitor the maturity of large companies and SMEs in Data & Analytics;
  • identify current trends in Data & Analytics at an international level;
  • investigate the applications of Advanced Analytics in various sectors and processes, understanding and evaluating their business impacts;
  • identify and understand the impacts of technological evolutions in the Data & Analytics field;
  • estimate the diffusion of skills and organizational models for the management of Data Science and Data Governance
  • understand the role played by startups in the field of Analytics at an international level.