Cookie Policy

The website uses technologies such as cookies, in other words text files that the websites visited by the user send and record on the same user’s computer or mobile device, or similar technologies in order to make it easier for users to browse and use the website. The information makes it possible for the website to “recognise” users when they return or browse from one page to the other, and to “remember” their preferences: language, password, predefined contents, etc.

The website does not use first party or proprietary cookies, in other words cookies installed on the user’s device directly by the website being visited by the user.

The website offers the possibility to de-select cookies as indicated below, expect for third-party cookie, for which the user has to refer directly to the selection and de-selection methods of the respective cookies provided by the respective operators (please see “Third-party Cookies”).

The following cookies are used by this website:

Technical Cookies

These cookies allow proper operation of certain sections of the website, and do not collect any personal information about the user.

The technical cookies used by the website can be classified as:

  1. session cookies, in other words information removed by the user’s computer when the browser is closed;
  2. permanent cookies, information that stays in the hard disc of the user’s computer and which are not removed unless intentionally removed by the user himself.

Analysis Cookies (also known as Analytics Cookies)

This website uses Google Analytics, a tool used to analyse website traffic.

No information shall be made public or disclosed to agencies, associations or bodies aimed at carrying out targeted marketing by following the User’s preferences, but instead shall be used for the sole purpose of improving navigation and the user’s experience for future visits.

The use of Google Analytics has also been set so that the supplier (Google) uses the cookies exclusively for providing the services, stores them separately and does not “enrich” or “cross”them with other information that may be in its possession.

As regards the use cookies by Google Analytics, please refer to their official link:

The user can prevent Google Inc. from detecting the cookies generated by the website and from reading them, by downloading and installing the following plugin:

To consult the Privacy Policy of Google Inc., independent controller of the processing of data relative the service, please refer to their official link

Third-party Cookies

This website uses third-party analysis cookies, in other works cookies of websites or web servers other than the Controller’s used for purposes of such said parties, including profiling cookies.

These cookies are used to collect information on website use by the users: pages visited, staying time, origins of the traffic, geographic origin, age, gender and interests for purposes of marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent by third-party domains external to the website.

The management of information collected by third parties is governed by the relative privacy policy statements, to which you are kindly asked to refer.

It is possible to disable third-party cookies through the third party company which is the controller of the data processing; for additional information, click on the following link: Through this service, you can manage the tracking preference of most advertising instruments. It is recommended to use this resource in addition to the information provided by this document.

To ensure greater transparency and convenience, a list is provided here below of the web addresses where you can find the various Privacy Policies and methods for managing cookies:

Google Privacy Policy

Facebook Privacy Policy

Twitter Privacy Policy

To eliminate cookies


Moreover, the website may contain links to other websites that have their own privacy policy statement. These privacy policy statements may be different from the one adopted by the Company, which therefore is not responsible for third-party rights. Consent to the use of cookies is expressed by the data subject through individual setting freely chosen by the latter for the browser used to surf the Internet. This is nevertheless without prejudice to the users’ right to communicate, at any time, to the Controller of the data processing, their intention with regards to the data managed through the cookies which the browser itself accepted.

Options concerning the use of cookies by the site by means of the browser settings

The delivery of all cookies, of both primary and third-party cookies, can be disabled through the settings of the browser being used; however, please note that this might make it impossible to use the sites if the cookies needed for delivery of the features were to be blocked.  Each browser has a different setting for the disabling of cookies; below please find links to the instructions for the more commonly-used browsers.

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