Coronavirus Emergency: Everyware Remote Assistance Supports You

Experiencing any malfunction during the Coronavirus emergency? With Everyware remote assistance, production doesn’t stop.

These weeks of COVID-19 epidemiological emergency are proving a challenge for companies in any sector. For the common good, the containment and management measures of the pandemic require the reduction of contact and travel.

Then a question arises: what happens in the event of a malfunction? Should we prepare for a series of prolonged downtime? The answer is no, thanks to our Everyware platform.

Everyware remote assistance: what is it?

Everyware is the remote maintenance and assistance platform designed by ESA. In any circumstances, it enables you to manage your production plant at any time and wherever it is located, without the need for physical intervention by a technician.

It is an ideal solution to cut service costs and times. But in a situation such as the current Coronavirus emergency, it proves to be even more useful. In fact, it makes it possible to intervene in the event of malfunctions and carry out normal maintenance in full compliance with the anti-contagion safety protocols.

By taking advantage of Everyware’s connectivity and flexibility, the operator can access the system and remotely carry out the required activity to ensure its correct operation. An efficient way to promote a Smart Factory approach even during the COVID-19 crisis.

How Everyware works

Everyware exponentially simplifies remote assistance. Once created their domain and connected the systems they want to monitor, users can log in from any PC to check the status of the systems and remotely intervene if necessary.

To ensure safety and continuity, Everyware creates a VPN connection with an encrypted system based on the TLS 1.2 algorithm. This connection requires only outgoing data and uses a client server logic. A very effective solution for cybersecurity.

Furthermore, our geo-location system identifies the server with the best data traffic line available nearby and, in case of failure or interruption of the line, immediately moves the service to another functioning server, without any disruption for the user.

Everyware functions for remote assistance

  • Remote Desktop functionality – Improves performance globally even in the event of poor connectivity between server and client.
  • Online update function for domain management application – You can automatically update the domain management client and the Runtime from the client side online.
  • User privileges – You can decide which functionalities and privileges to enable for each user of the domain with a simple check-list.
  • Connectivity management towards external databases – The connectivity to database is managed through Everyware’s secure communication protocol, preventing cyber-attacks.
  • HTML5 Client – To use Everyware remote assistance platform you don’t have to install anything else. It works on any browser via HTTPS connection.
  • Usage statistics – Monitor your activity by accessing historical usage data and customizing them.

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