Energy Efficiency: Regulatory Opportunities and Technologies

There is no industry without energy efficiency. More than ever, this sector needs to cut the waste of resources such as electricity, because otherwise it will never be sustainable in the long term. There is no longer any doubt about this. In fact, energy efficiency represents a major issue in the Industry 4.0. And this is the reason that prompted ESA Automation to focus its research to create a complete line of products for energy management. Find out more about the Esaware solutions for energy consumption monitoring.

How to take advantage of regulatory opportunities for energy efficiency

When it comes to cutting energy consumption, we immediately think of the environmental and economic advantages, in terms of savings. But greater energy efficiency offers many other benefits to companies, because it allows access to a number of regulatory opportunities that have emerged during these past years to encourage this type of investment. This was exactly the focus of the meeting organized by ESA Automation on the past October 19th. An event that saw the participation of subjects that are affected by this issue in various ways: from the producer of energy monitoring solutions to companies that want to improve their efficiency. In particular, we talked about the new SME application for energy efficiency improvement recently approved by the Lombardy Region. An initiative designed to encourage small and medium companies to carry out an energy audit or to adopt the ISO 50001 Energy Management System in their headquarters. In fact, the contribution is intended to compensate 50% of the eligible investment for the realization of one of these two solutions, up to a maximum of ten operating locations for each company.

ESA Automation and its technologies for energy efficiency

ESA Automation has done its part in encouraging companies to implement an energy efficiency plan. How? By creating a full range of innovative solutions. Yes, because our philosophy is to fight energy waste with technology, in order to guarantee our clients competitive and economic advantages, and of course the sustainability of the industrial sector in the future as well. The Esaware Smart Meter and the other products of the line for energy management are based on the principles of connectivity and openness of the Internet of Things (and therefore of the Industry 4.0), and utilize the most advanced technologies in the industrial field. Thus, through the EW800 Distributed Meter you can accurately and constantly monitor the energy consumption of your production plant. And there is more. With the EW900 Data Manager, all acquired consumption data (not only energy, but also gas and water) is historicized in the Cloud so as to be accessible at any time and from any device connected to the corporate network. And to make information even more easily accessible, ESA Automation developed the Energyaware software. Another demonstration of how technology can definitely promote energy efficiency in a production plant. In conclusion, today to act in order to cut energy waste is essential and it is also easier than you’d think. You just need to know how to take regulatory opportunities and to use available technologies.