ESA EWDU: the New Single Axis Servo Drive

The EWDU compact single-axis servo drive is an efficient and cost-effective solution to control different types of motors. Below are the main benefits of using the new device by ESA.

1. High level of customization

ESA EWDU offers a high level of customization. In fact, it can be customized according to the customer’s requests. This makes it an extremely flexible and versatile solution, capable of responding to the specific needs of each company, in different sectors and industrial applications. Precisely for this purpose, the device is available in two different configuration levels: the standard version as a fieldbus drive or with simple motion functions.

2. Ability to control both sinusoidal Brushless motors and direct current motors

One of the advantages of the EWDU servo drive is the ability to control different types of motors. Thanks to its high versatility, it can control sinusoidal Brushless motors and DC servomotors up to 10A.

3. A ready-to-use solution

In industry 4.0 where efficiency and optimization are essential, the immediacy of EWDU makes the difference. Designed to simplify the customer’s work as much as possible, it is a ready-to-use servo drive. In fact, it does not require any advanced configuration. All that is needed to put it into service is the activation of a single parameter.

4. Maximum compactness, minimum encumbrance

Also striking about EWDU are its small size. Designed to be as compact as it is functional, it minimizes the footprint. In this way it lends itself even better to use in different industrial contexts, even those in which space is an element to be taken into consideration.

5. Low voltage servo drive

With its new servo drive, ESA offers a low voltage solution, which can be powered from 24Vdc up to 60Vdc direct current, therefore also from the battery. In this way, the use is not limited in the electrical panel, but can be used on board the application, even if the latter moves by itself. For example, in the case of motorized car trucks that normally use batteries.

EWDU compact single axis servo drive features

  • Available with simple integrated motion functions.
  • Low voltage power supply from 24 to 60 Vdc.
  • Double CPU for fast response times.
  • Control firmware capable of: dynamic control of the engine brake; torque control and positioning with high dynamics; speed regulation with adjustable ramps.
  • Easy setup with Drivewatcher software.
  • ESA engine database pre-installed.
  • Feedback: Incremental or sensorless encoder (for dc motors).
  • Field bus: CAN Open DS402, EtherCAT, ProfiNet Io, Ethernet Ip
  • 4 digital inputs / 2 digital outputs
  • 1 analog input +/- 10V differential (12 bit)
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Certification CE