ESA KVM Industrial Extender

Overcoming distance in the production plant. This is why ESA launched its line of KVM industrial extenders. An effective and secure solution to implement a long-range network and facilitate the exchange and transfer of data.

Benefits of KVM industrial extenders

ESA KVM industrial extenders are devices designed to increase the communication range between an industrial PC and the operator station (monitor, keyboard, mouse, touch screen, USB devices) up to a distance of 100 meters.

Typically, USB mouse and keyboard protocols are designed to cover a distance of approximately 5 to 10 meters. Distance beyond which, usually, the quality of the video signal also begins to deteriorate (DVI or HDMI cable). KVM industrial extenders allow you to bypass this limit and transmit the same signals over long distances. Additionally, this solution simplifies cabling with a single Category 5 or Category 6 Ethernet cable.

The result is the implementation of larger and more performing networks, in which data traffic is facilitated in compliance with the principles of Industry 4.0.

Technical characteristics of ESA KVM industrial extenders

The main features of ESA KVM industrial extenders are:

  • Transmitter and Receiver unit powered at 24V.
  • Connection with the local unit (PC and Monitor) with dual link DVI-I cable.
  • The Receiver unit manages up to four USB ports (keyboard, mouse, USB devices).
  • The connection between the units is via a single ethernet cable (CAT5 – CAT6).
  • The distance between the transmitter and the receiver is up to 100 meters.
  • The supported resolution is up to 4K.