ESA LUMIA Handheld: flexibility and sturdiness

To ensure greater safety and functionality, operators need mobile and flexible devices. To this end, ESA has created the LUMIA Handheld range, the ideal to visualize and control the system near the moving part.

The LUMIA Handheld portable solution

LUMIA handheld devices are the ideal solution to meet the needs of dynamic production. These are compact products that allow the operator to approach the machine to check that the commands are always carried out correctly.

One of the key elements of this line is the compact and intuitive design. Comfortable to handle, they can facilitate use by operators. Most importantly, the rugged structure makes them fail-safe and resistant to shocks, dust and liquids, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

But in addition to being easy to use, they stand out for their power. In fact, LUMIA Handheld guarantees superior user interface performance and real-time control thanks to the powerful hardware platform based on a Cortex 6 core processor and the embedded Linux operating system.

A similar level of flexibility and functionality makes LUMIA Handheld perfect for applications requiring the highest degree of mobility. Such as, for example, robotics applications, where manual handling of the robot during configuration requires the operator to be able to control the robot and at the same time manually manage the actuator.

Benefits and features of LUMIA Handheld

Here are the most relevant features of ESA LUMIA Handheld:

  • Compact design, to approach the machine and check the correct execution of commands in a comfortable and safe way.
  • Integration of up to 3 mechanical buttons, usually including the emergency button.
  • 3-position dead man switch on the back, allows you to cut off the power supply both when the product is in the rest position or in the event of operator shock.
  • Industrial level certifications
  • Available in edgeHMI, webHMI and open versions.
  • Possibility of managing the keys and LEDs of the membrane keyboard via the ethercat bus; the palmtop is interfaced to the bus via the EW62N9481 gateway.
  • Possibility to choose between Landscape and Portrait version, to obtain the ideal viewing degree in any context.
  • Wide range of buttons and membrane keys so that the user can select the ideal solution for the requirements of their application.