ESA Participation at SPS Italia 2019

Great success and participation for ESA at SPS Italia 2019. During the three days of the event (from May 28th to 30th), we presented our latest industrial solutions. Our ERGO ergonomic station, new motion libraries for Esaware EW100 HMI, and ESA Servo Package (EWML + EWDL) got the attention of many participants, demonstrating once again the commitment of our brand in innovating the Italian and global industrial market.

SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019: the numbers of the fair

The ninth edition of the fair dedicated to the world of automation for the intelligent, digital and flexible industry was even more successful than previous years.

  • + 18% visitors (41,528 in total)
  • + 6% exhibitors (854 in total)

An increase that adds to the growth already started by the organizers in terms of surface dedicated to the event.
“We are thrilled with the excellent results achieved thanks to the people who visited the stands since day one in a context that looks to the future and to innovation. This turnout is a reward for our exhibitors who, with previews, new solutions and interactive demos, have contributed to an engaging and “growing” ninth edition.” Donald Wich, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Italia
However, attendance is not the only impressive aspect. Even more commendable was the ability to narrate difficult and current topics with such great professionalism and inventiveness. Including the role of the factory of tomorrow, the potential of digital technologies and the sustainability of the industrial sector.

ESA industrial solutions at SPS Italia 2019

ESA most recent and innovative solutions found their perfect space in the industrial path organized by SPS Italia focused on automation, digital, robotics, mechatronics and training.
In particular, we presented our evolution of the HMI concept, from a simple panel to an ergonomic and complete solution. That is ERGO, the new all-in-one machine control station designed to offer the highest degree of flexibility, ergonomics and customization.
All SPS Italia visitors had the opportunity to see live the two versions of this device (classic and ergonomic at 120 °) and interact with its capacitive multi-touch flat projected screen and 21.5” TFT display. People were excited for the wide choice of configurations to choose from, such as additional buttons, touch keyboards and a second 12.1” HMI.
Another preview that featured in the ESA stand was our new Esaware EW100 platform expansion. Thanks to the integration of new libraries designed for motion, this HMI now offers a series of options to manage from a single device applications that require the control of axes.
Finally, at SPS Italia 2019 we explained the advantages of ESA Servo Package. The new engine-drive package is designed for packaging applications, positioning control tables, delta robots, conveyor belts and automation in general.
Consisting in Esaware Drive Low Power (EWDL) and Esaware Motors (EWML), it stands out for its algorithm created for rapid sampling and advanced closed-loop controls in speed, torque and position. In addition, it offers filters dedicated to the correct setting of the system, functions for the reduction of vibrations, Safe Torque Off and other advanced features.