ESA Tubular Motor and Energy Saving

“Think Electric!” This is the philosophy of the new ESA linear tubular motors, designed to increase energy saving in industry and improve your performance. An efficient, flexible and powerful solution, ideal for all major industrial sectors.

How to increase energy efficiency with ESA tubular motors

Our sector needs change. In Industry 4.0, sustainability is a fundamental factor that we can no longer ignore. Every industrial solution needs to be designed to improve productivity by making it smarter, achieving it in a more efficient way. Especially from an energetic point of view.
This is why ESA has chosen to replace the standard pneumatic cylinder solution with its Green Drive electric tubular motors. In other words, with a more innovative, flexible and efficient technology.
A pneumatic solution with compressor, cylinder and pipes is much more demanding in terms of maintenance, commissioning and service. Not to mention the significantly lower control capabilities.
On the other hand, an electric solution such as ESA GD series tubular motors offers greater flexibility on production processes, as well as better monitoring systems and design of the machine. Plus., electric motors require less maintenance and guarantee a reduction in carbon emissions, being less energy-intensive.
Ideal for different applications, tubular motors offer many advantages in multiple sectors. For example, improved dosage of food and horizontal or vertical packaging in the food sector. Or more precise pills counting, weighing and rejecting in the pharmaceutical sector. And again, perfect application in machine tools and machining centers.

Technical characteristics of ESA GD tubular motors

Energy efficiency is certainly a very important aspect, but it is not the only point of strength of our Green Drive tubular motors. This direct thrust linear actuator is ideal for all types of linear movement.
Among the most relevant technical features:

  • Flange dimensions conforming to ISO pneumatic cylinders
  • 6 different lengths
  • BiSS feedback encoder for precise controls
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Accuracy bi-directional +/- 0,05mm
  • Acceleration up to 300 m/s2

On top of this, they offer excellent connectivity and a high degree of protection (IP67), thanks to the standard Y-tech connector. This makes ESA tubular motors also suitable for harsh environmental conditions.
More efficiency and flexibility to boost productivity, with this goal ESA adds another innovative solution to its range of motors and drives.