EWDU etherCAT Single Axis Servo Drive: Main Features

EtherCAT connectivity, compact size and easy configuration. ESA EWDU single-axis servo drive IP20 decentralized is a complete and efficient solution for brushless and direct current servomotors control.

This article explains all its main features.

EWDU etherCAT: main features of the ESA single-axis servo drive

Easy configuration

EWDU single-axis servo drive is extremely easy to configure. Using the Drivewatcher software, the operator can set the motor parameter file with a single digit. This makes it the ideal solution to customize any production plant to increase its efficiency. In addition, at the firmware level it already has the complete database of ESA motors installed, with all the standard configurations tested.


EWDU is a compact single-axis servo drive. ESA has created it in response to the growing need of controlling small (up to 400 W) and low voltage (from 24 Vdc to 60 Vdc) motors. The result is a complete solution that allows a decentralized approach on field buses, including EtherCAT. In this way, EWDU promotes greater efficiency in terms of time and materials, with the possibility to save space inside the machine and drive smaller segments.


The ESA servo drive supports various CANopen, ProfiNET and EtherCAT network options. In particular, the EtherCAT protocol is optimized for industrial automation. Thus, EWDU guarantees a fast and deterministic network, capable of processing 1,000 I/O points in 30 microseconds and communicating with 100 servo axes in 100 microseconds.


Energy efficiency has always been one of ESA’s main goals, as demonstrated by our line of solutions for energy management. That’s why for EWDU we have chosen a DC power supply that promotes energy savings. This power supply allows the system to share the energy of the motors when braking and to return it to the other servo drives during loading, without dissipating it on the braking resistors.

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