EWDU: Simplicity and Compactness

Compact, convenient and easy to program. The new ESA Automation single-axle compact servo drive EWDU is a dynamic and user-friendly solution for motors up to 400W. The ideal way to make any production plant more efficient and customized.

What does it make it so special? First, the incredible simplicity to program. In fact, thanks to the Drive Watcher application software, the operator can set the motor parameter file with a single digit. In addition, to guarantee even higher performances from drive and motor combinations, the ESA Automation experienced IT team has installed the entire database of our motors at the firmware level and has tested all standard configurations.

The compact single-axle servo drive EWDU is also very versatile, being suitable to control various types of motors, such as the rotative brushless servomotor, the linear servomotor and the servomotor with continuous current up to 10A. And there’s more. In order to meet our customers’ specific needs, the product comes in two different configuration levels: the standard version as fieldbus drive, and the advanced version, with a positioner integrated for simple motion functions.

The double CPU inside the converter allows you to have dynamic and performing responses from the different adjustment rings, and also a control firmware that ensures the following functions:

  • Dynamic control of the motor brake.
  • Torque control and positioning with high dynamics.
  • Speed regulation with adjustable ramps.
  • Integrated positioner (Advanced).

The converter is powered at low voltage with a range between 24 and 60 V CC. Finally, the dynamic characteristics of this solution allow to read different motor feedback systems, such as the incremental encoder.

EWDU compact single-axis servo drive main features:

  • Feedback: Incremental encoder or hall sensors
  • Field bus: CAN Open DS402
  • 4 digital inputs / 2 digital outputs
  • 1 analog input +/- 10V differential (12 bit)
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Certification: CE

In conclusion, the new ESA Automation single-axis compact servo drive is a solution designed to meet the increasing need for customer-oriented products, that is more and more aimed at mass customization to guarantee a more efficient production, according to the Industry 4.0 principles.