How to Invest in the Industry 4.0 By Digitalizing the Production Processes

Today to invest in the Industry 4.0 not only is the most convenient choice: it is a necessity.

In a transnational market with ever growing competition and pressing timings, optimizing the production process is the only possible path.

But that’s not all.

This approach can also invert the flow of resources waste that otherwise would end up burying the entire sector.

That is why the ESA Automation team has decided to follow the principle upon which the Industry 4.0 is based to develop our solutions. Principles such as the Internet of Things and the company digitalization.

Find out more about ESA Automation’s HMI and software solutions for the Industry 4.0.

Why it is important to digitalize production processes

Digitalizing the production process is a fundamental step to make your company “Industry 4.0 proof”.

In fact, it is the best strategy since it guarantees that each phase in a production plant becomes automatic.

How? Through Cloud computing and the IoT principle. Which means, by allowing more and faster accessibility to data.

The Cloud becomes the catalyst for all the information that are necessary to the production process and makes sure that all these data are always available to all the machineries connected to the plant.

In this way, all devices automatically communicate among themselves and exchange, update and send information, without constant need for human intervention.

All this is done in real time and remotely. That is why to invest in the Industry 4.0 by digitalizing the production processes means to obtain relevant time savings.

The entire production process becomes always available online and is therefore accessible from any part of the world.

The ESA Automation solutions to digitalize the production process according to the Industry 4.0

When we talk about investing in the Industry 4.0, ESA Automation is always first in line.

Our line Esaware offers a wide range of solutions for industrial automation that have been especially designed to simplify and digitalize the production processes.

Especially the Everyware remote maintenance platform and the new ESA Automation Cloud service.

Yes, because it is thanks to these two products that it is possible to eliminate any distance with your plant and to cut production and maintenance time.

In particular, the ESA Automation Cloud allows you to make any data accessible and it offers maximum compatibility with any management and programming device and software, thanks to the integration of standard protocols MQTT and AMQP.

The efficiency of such system is demonstrated by the possibility to analyze, monitor and compare data, not only, for example, in terms of predictive maintenance, but also in terms of customization of mass-production.

In conclusion, for ESA Automation to invest in the Industry 4.0 means to offer our clients more and more efficient and optimized solutions, that allow them to digitalize their production processes and to maximize their savings and incomes.