Increase the Company Efficiency with the ESA Automation Energy Management Line

Did you know that using the ESA Automation Energyaware software, smart meters and other energy management products is a safe way to increase the efficiency of your company?

In a context where there is a growing necessity to increase productivity and cut costs, to eliminate wastes is fundamental for your production activity.

These are the Industry 4.0 rules and escaping them is impossible. Even more: it’s not worth it.

Yes, the energy efficiency of a production plant is both necessary for the future of the industry and advantageous for companies’ profit.

This is why the ESA Automation solutions for energy management are so important.

Energy management: why to use the ESA Automation Energyaware software and smart meters to increase the efficiency of your company

ESA Automation allows you to make a continuative diagnosis of the consumption of your production plant and, at the same time, to verify the status of your machines.

In fact, its energy management line offers a complete range of suitable products that are easy to install and to use.

From the Energyaware efficiency software, to the Distributed Meter and the Data Manager: these products have been designed to control your energy consumption in an immediate and automatic way.

The reason is simple. The ESA Automation team has developed these solutions according to the most recent principles of the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services. The goal is to create an integrated and connected system, capable of communicating with all the machines of your plant and carrying out the necessary surveys, without the need of your intervention.

How the ESA Automation energy management solutions work

Efficiency is one of the most important values in the Industry 4.0 and the ESA Automation line of energy management products allows you to be sure that your company is always updated.

How do they work?

First, you must install the Distributed Meter (DEM). An incredibly simple and fats operation.

In fact, the smart meter can be installed directly on the machines and it connects online both wire and wireless.

This device is as easy to be installed as it is simple to be used, thanks to the 256×96 graphic display, back lightened with white LEDs, with resistive touch screen. This way, you can monitor the consumptions of your production plant constantly and easily.

Among its energy management solutions to increase the efficiency of your company, ESA Automation offers also the Data Manager, which allows you to create and manage a network of DEM, up to 250 devices.

The Data Manager interacts with the Distributed Meter – as well as with the gas and water meters – and registers all consumption data. Which means that on the Cloud you can find all the important information that are necessary to the efficient functioning of your production plant.

Find out more about the ESA Automation Cloud accessibility

But there is more. Among its solutions for energy efficiency, ESA Automation has developed also a versatile and intuitive software: Energyaware.

It is a software easily set up, that offers the graphical representation of your consumptions, to be always informed.

In conclusion, the energy management line enables you to create an integrated system, to monitor and control your energy consumption. The ideal solution to increase the efficiency of you company.