Industrial Cybersecurity for Control Systems SCADA, PLC, HMI

The increasing digitization of processes in Industry 4.0 poses new challenges in terms of industrial cybersecurity for control systems.

Solutions such as remote access and the connection between IT and OT networks are essential parts of the current production context. However, at the same time they potentially open the way to new threats and endanger sensitive aspects such as data integrity, network security, and service uptime.

Here are some of the most effective solutions to prevent the risk of cyber attacks and ensure the security of SCADA, PLC and HMI.

Cybersecurity solutions for industrial control systems


OTP code

Acronym of One Time Password, OTP is a disposable password sent exclusively to the registered user that can be used only once. This allows to verify the operator’s identity when they access a control system.

ESA has adopted this specific cybersecurity solution. When using the Everyware remote assistance platform, the user can access via OTP code. After entering their username and password, the operator receives a notification with a unique code to complete the login.

Security gateway

Firewalls, WAF, SOA/API are some of the security gateways that can reduce the risk of cyber attacks on the production plant. Gateways effectively block malwares and other threats. They act as a barrier against intrusions that can compromise the security of the company, including sensitive data theft.


The blockchain functions as a digital register structured as a chain of shared and accessible blocks, that cannot be modified as they are protected by encryption. This technology contributes to industrial cybersecurity for control systems mainly in three ways:

  • Sensitive data decentralization: storing data on multiple nodes prevents cybercriminals from accessing the entire database from a single access point.
  • It makes IoT devices smarter: it allows the machinery and systems of a plant to make safety decisions in autonomy.
  • DNS attacks prevention: DNS is usually centralized and therefore it’s easier to break the connection between the website name and the IP address.


IT and OT networks sparation

ESA develops HMI with double ethernet port to connect to IT and OT network. The physical separation between the two networks and the segmentation of these systems secures the traffic between networks (NAT mechanisms and software firewalls).

These solutions increase the industrial cybersecurity of control systems and contribute to the prevention of cyber attacks.