Industry 4.0 and Green Economy: Solutions

Industry 4.0 and Green Economy today appear increasingly linked, if not inseparable. In recent years, the concept of sustainability in manufacturing has become one of the identifying elements of the fourth industrial revolution. Hence the effort to promote green processes in production, such as energy efficiency, the reduction of carbon emissions and the intelligent use of resources.

Looking at the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, it’s clear how sustainability is a real business strategy for the future.

  • Clean, sustainable, and accessible energy systems.
  • Promote actions to combat climate change.
  • Make cities more sustainable.
  • Ensure sustainable production and consumption models.

Achieving these goals requires investing in low-impact industrialization and smart manufacturing. And this is where the integration between Industry 4.0 and Green Economy comes into play.

Industry 4.0 and sustainability

The meeting between Green Economy and Industry 4.0 takes place on three levels: technological, process and development. Specifically:

Green technologies

Industry 4.0 is based on digitalization, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IIoT). In this scenario, technology is the engine of innovation, even when it comes to sustainability. To successfully achieve the Green Economy in industry, it is necessary to exploit technologies capable of maximizing production efficiency.

Efficiency of industrial processes

Maximizing production and minimizing waste is a fundamental concept both for the profitability of companies and for the sustainability of production. From energy efficiency to intelligent resource management, the promotion of greener and regulatory compliant production processes has now almost become the standard in Industry 4.0 and in the smart factory.

Sustainable Development

Smart Data are a distinctive element of Industry 4.0. Through their analysis and elaboration, it is possible to pursue sustainable development. In fact, the use of real-time data through artificial intelligence and machine learning allows you to increase productivity, optimize processes and improve growth.

ESA solutions for the Green Economy

When it comes to sustainability, ESA has been involved for years in developing solutions to optimize processes and promote resource savings. These include the ESA energy management products: a range of devices designed to perform a continuous diagnosis of the consumption of the production plant.

The line includes both hardware and software components, such as Energyaware, an integrated remote monitoring and control system for smart meter networks and other devices. Always according to the principles of IIoT, our Distributed Meter collects consumption data which are then transmitted and logged through the ESA Data Manager. A complete system to maximize production efficiency to favor a Green Economy scenario.