ESA Automation CNC Motion Controller Solutions

What are the ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions? In this articles we will see which are the best products to optimize and maximize the productivity of the machineries in a production plant, such as machines tool for various materials, packaging and textile.

The technology behind ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions

When ESA Automation expanded its range of solution for industrial automation, its goal was to offer the same level of quality and support in multiple sectors. Today, that goal has become reality, thanks to a line of products and solutions for CNC motion control capable of guaranteeing maximum efficiency for manufacturing any material. From wood to ceramics and metal, from doors and windows to packaging: the ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions are developed ad hoc for any machine, even the most technically complex. What makes them so functional and versatile is the possibility for any client to easily create their own macros. That is those functions that make CNC manufacturing programming truly ussr friendly and object oriented. All this thanks to the tool software, such as Macro editor, DXF2ISO and DXF2MACRO. In particular, DXF2MACRO allows to create a macro of the project in which some values are parametric, starting from a dfx file. On the other hand, thanks to the Macro Editor users can create macros starting from an image and to specify inside it the manufacturing variables and the tools involved in the macro itself. This way, the macro will contain both the ISO code and the programming code with the related constructs necessary for the realization of the piece. Lastly, the DXF2ISO module allows you to import a dxf file, edit the main characteristics of the manufacturing and create an ISO sot that it can automatically been executed by the CNC.

The range of ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions

The range of ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions distinguishes itself both for the quality of its products and for its variety. Yes, because it includes all-in-one PACs for any working context: from the smallest 4.3” display to the 15” top of range. What does “all-in-one” mean? Our PAC solutions perfectly integrate PIC, HMI, CNC and IT Server in one product. So it is possible to develop a unique application that incorporates the PLC cycle, the CNC program, and the HMI/SCADA user interface. But that’s not all. Each system can be upgraded – locally or remotely – thanks to the wide family of remote expansions. This possibility makes the ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions even more adaptable and customer oriented. Thanks to the touchscreen display and to an intense use of parametric macros, the programming process of the manufacturing on the piece has never been so intuitive. In fact, in order to obtain the final piece, you only have to select the parts that compose it from the graphic objects menu and, once gotten the desired result, it is even possible to save the manufacturing with a name so as to be able to repeat it in the future with even more ease and efficiency, and in a very short time. Do you want to find out more about ESA Automation CNC motion controller solutions? Read the articles of the blog or visit our product page.