Cloud Technology and Its Applications in Industrial Automation

During these past years there has been a lot of talking about Cloud technology. Both on a consumer and on a corporate level, it has confirmed itself as the new trend around which the biggest technology brands must develop their products and softwares.

The same goes for the industrial sector, which through Cloud computing tries to optimize its processes. In a context such as industrial automation, in which technological efficiency is the key to productivity, the Cloud is the missing link that makes it possible.

And this is why ESA Automation has launched its Cloud service.

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What is Cloud computing in industrial automation

In order to fully understand what is the role of Cloud technology and its applications in industrial automation, you need to know how it was born.

One of the most discussed realities of the moment in industrial automation is the Internet of Things (IoT). This is the biggest game changer of the last twenty years. The ultimate jump that has projected us into the new industrial era: the Industry 4.0.

Machines and systems that communicate among themselves and exchange information without human help. A concept, the Internet of Things, that has revolutionized the nature of industry, with the objective of improving performances, productivity and also sustainability.

However, the IoT alone does not take us far without the possibility to make this information easily analyzable and accessible, by both operators and systems of a production plant.

Cloud computing is the vehicle with which to do that. The catalyst of the Internet of Things principle.

Basically, without Cloud technology information would be stored, but only a part would be used. Data would accumulate and become outdated and therefore useless.

The is what the Cloud in industrial automation is for. It guarantees an efficient flow of information and their adequate and punctual usage.

Benefits and applications of Cloud technology in industrial automation

Why is Cloud technology so important in the industry?

First it helps to increase control within the production plant. In fact, one of the main applications of the Cloud in industrial automation is the possibility to execute preventive and predictive maintenance.

The information communicated by – and among – machines allows a constant control over the health of the plant and over its correct functioning. Otherwise, it is possible to detect the problem and to intervene (even remotely) before this should manifest and damage productivity.

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On top of that, the ESA Automation Cloud service promotes the development of a distributed architecture and allows the company digitalization.

All the most important data about the company and the plant are online and can be accessed with one click from any part of the world and from any device. This helps the concept of transnational company that now dominates the market.

Furthermore, by using MQTT and AMQP standard protocols, the ESA Automation Cloud technology guarantees full compatibility with any device and software: which suggests an infinite potential yet to be fully used and explored.

It is clear how the Cloud technology is a fundamental part of industrial automation future. And also of the ESA Automation solutions.

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