KREO HMI: Distributed Automation Meets the Web

KREO HMI is ESA’s new tool for creating powerful, intuitive and web technology-based supervision applications. From configurability of the work environment to scalability of the edgeHMI/webHMI architecture, we discover the main advantages of this new solution for industrial automation.

Main advantages of the new ESA KREO HMI

EdgeHMI architecture – webHMI

The integrated edgeHMI – webHMI structure guarantees an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability. Facilitates the development of distributed automation applications that include multiple independent workstations, thus adapting to any application.

Intuitive and accessible

KREO HMI does not require special web programming knowledge to be fully exploited and obtain excellent results. In fact, it allows you to generate native HTML5 video pages during compilation in a completely automatic way.

Extreme configurability of the work environment

Simplifying the work of the operator has always been one of ESA’s goals. For this, the windows that make up the KREO user interface can be freely positioned to obtain more space for the page programming area. For example, tools such as object properties and events, project tree, output window with validation and compilation result messages can be moved to a second monitor.

Easy navigation between contexts

ESA KREO has forward and backward buttons that allow the user to move through the queue that stores the various contexts that are gradually used. Another example of how we managed to streamline the workflow in the plant.

Functionality and technical characteristics of KREO HMI

• HTML5 e Javascript: responsive, gesture and multi touch, SVG graphic, compatible with different platforms.
• EdgeHMI – WebHMI architecture: ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) connection,
• user management based on user groups and working station, OPC UA server and client
• Development environment extremely configurable
• Simple contest navigation via the forward and backward button
• 2D e 3D graphics based on CANVAS and JAVASCRIPT
• Integrated PDF viewer and video player
• FDA-CFR21 part 11 compliant
• SVG graphic library with a dedicated tool that let the user creates his own objects.