Kreo SVG Converter: New ESA Web Graphic Tool

Kreo SVG Converter represents a new frontier of customization and autonomy of user interface. Coming soon, the web-based utility is ESA’s answer to our customers’ need to create and use original graphic objects in total freedom.

How Kreo SVG Converter works

Today, customization is a fundamental value in production. For reasons of branding, efficiency and consistency, companies are looking for products and systems with a marked family feeling, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It thus becomes necessary to develop a user interface with a well-defined style.

ESA Kreo SVG Converter is a web-based graphics tool that lets you do just that. Customers can finally create their own library of graphic objects in complete autonomy. The utility allows them to create vector SVG objects without constraints or specifications to respect.

How? Users only have to associate a layer or a group of layers to one or more Kreo properties and define the type of animation between movement, rotation, and color. Once edited, the file is saved in a KSVG format (SVG for Kreo) and can be inserted into a project page with a simple drag-and-drop. The Kreo programmer can therefore define the animation based on the structure of the PLC program of the machine and create a library of dedicated objects to be used in all applications that require a specific and completely personalized graphic style.

ESA Kreo HMI + Kreo SVG Converter

Kreo SVG Converter will support Kreo HMI, the new tool for creating powerful, intuitive and web technology-based supervision applications. Extremely easy to configure and scalable thanks to the edgeHMI/webHMI architecture, the ESA solution simplifies the operator’s work with maximum flexibility. Not only. Kreo HMI does not require technical skills in web programming, allowing you to generate HTML5 pages in a completely automatic way.

Thanks to our converter of graphic SVG objects, these benefits will be amplified even more, guaranteeing ever more fluid, fast and user-friendly work.