New ESA Lumia 10.1″ VESA Industrial PC

ESA launches its new industrial PC Lumia 10.1″ VESA, a combination of functionality and performance, thanks to its exceptional features and compact dimensions. From VESA mounting to 10.1″ widescreen display, this is the perfect solution for creating customized machinery last generation.

Lumia 10.1″ VESA advantages

Easy installation

The VESA 100×100 mounting guarantees easy installation of the ESA industrial PC. Convenient, flexible and versatile, this mounting method can help increase the ergonomics of the screen and generally improve the overall viewing experience. In fact, VESA mounts offer greater flexibility, allowing you to adjust the height, tilt, and angle of the display to find the most comfortable and optimal viewing position.

Superior customization

Lumia 10.1″ features a wide range of processors, LAN ports and USB ports to adapt to the needs of each customer. First, it offers the possibility to choose between different fanless processors, starting from the powerful Celeron J3455 Quad core up to Intel i7. Furthermore, contains two Ethernet ports with different IP addresses to allow physical separation between the OT (machine) network and the IT network (customer infrastructure). Finally, Lumia is particularly suitable for inserting secondary workstations into the production line with few local controls. This makes it ideal in different application contexts, maximizing the efficiency and functionality of the system.

Ultra-clear display

Among the innovations introduced by ESA, the 10.1″ widescreen display with high resolution 1280×800 allows a clear and detailed view. While the capacitive glass touchscreen ensures a high degree of precision for more defined control of the signal. All this contributes to significantly improving the operator’s user experience, making it even more intuitive.

Greater security

The new ESA Lumia features an IP66 protection rating on the entire device. Among its main characteristics, it guarantees total sealing against the entry of dust and debris transported by the air, as well as protection against jets, splashes, falls or drips of water, even at high pressure and from any direction. It is clear how this makes the device particularly resistant and suitable for industrial environments.

Kreo Runtime

Lumia 10.1″ is available with Kreo Runtime pre-installed to allow the execution of applications developed with Kreo HMI. It is the responsive and platform independent platform for the development of edge-node and web-HMI applications according to Industry 4.0 principles.