New ESA Lumia Modular Solution Panel and Vesa Arm

A flexible and dynamic device for an innovative work experience. ESA Lumia is the modular solution that promotes a new concept of HMI, visualization and control.

ESA Lumia: maximum customization

EdgeHMI, WebHMI, monitor or HMI+PLC. With ESA Lumia clients choose their own configuration according to usage and production context. The result is a tailor-made device that perfectly meets the specific needs of its user.

With multi touch technology and true flat capacitive glass touch screen, you can choose from four display sizes. The great advantage, however, is given by the modularity that allows the client to select both the hardware configuration of the product and the type of mounting (with VESA arm or panel). The result is a very high degree of customization.

Main benefits of ESA Lumia modular systems

Connectivity – With 2 independent Ethernet ports (separation between the OT network and the IT network), Wi-Fi connection and PoE, Lumia perfectly meets the fundamental connectivity requirements in a 4.0 production facility.

Quality and resistance – Lumia is designed to operate in any environment, with a very high-quality aluminum housing. It offers IP66 protection on the entire product in the VESA version or on the front in the panel version.

Display – Maximum display to facilitate the operator’s work. Depending on your needs, the device is available in four different versions: 10.1 “, 15.6”, 21.5 “, up to 27”.

Flexibility and customization – The modularity of ESA Lumia is synonymous with flexibility. In particular, the two variants Cabin Panel and Vesa Arm allow for extreme product customization. Finally, you can also add the ergonomic 120 ° keyboard.

Easy installation and safety – The SmartBlock fixing system is designed to help the operator install Lumia in a simple way. Thanks to the knurled pins it is possible to prefix the product with your fingers and then tighten it to the panel with a tool.