New Network Remote I/O Esaware: Discover all Features

More connectivity and configurability: ESA Automation launches the new network remote I/O EW620, the latest addition to the range of industrial automation solutions Esaware. Designed according to the IoT and Industry 4.0 principles, this new device presents innovative features such as the possibility to connect up to 63 modules and the integration of ten fieldbus.

Remote I/O EW620: main features

The new EW620 distributed input output system is a guarantee of functionality and openness. Starting with its compact size and compatibility with the different I/O systems on the market which allows easy integration into existing applications.

In addition, thanks to the excellent price/performance ratio and the integration with the ESA Automation platform consisting in HMI, control and servo drive, this I/O can be used in different applications and markets, not necessarily industrial.

The new remote I/O system allows to connect up to 63 modules and features ten different fieldbuses including EtherCAT, CANOpen, modBUS, on top of multiple inputs and outputs configuration both digital and analogic. Plus, its RTB cabling solution (Remove Terminal Block) and tool-less system allow easy maintenance and management of all connection cables.

Below, the main technical features of the new ESA Automation I/O:

  • Compatibility with several fieldbuses thanks to the modularity of the couplers:
    • Standard fieldbus EtherCAT o CANOpen
    • Optional fieldbus modBUS, ProfiNET, or CC-Link
  • Digital input or output modules up to 32 points.
  • Analog input or output modules with up to 16 channels and 16 bit resolution.
  • Special modules such as encoder input, thermocouples, synchronous serial input.
  • Protection degree: IP20
  • RTB for contact removal without rewiring
  • Module clamping system on DIN rail easily accessible
  • Working temperature between -20 and +60°C
  • Internal BUS: <1ms (128Bytes), 2ms (256Bytes), 4ms (512Bytes)

ESA Automation Remote I/O and Industry 4.0

It’s clear: with the new Esaware I/O EW620, ESA Automation takes a new step towards Industry 4.0. The company once again focuses on openness and connectivity, so as to make its solutions ideal in an increasingly digitized industrial context.

Integration and communication with and among multiple devices are the basic principles of the Internet of Things and are necessary elements for a more sustainable and innovative production.

In this sense, EW620 remote and distributed I/O fits perfectly into the Esaware range of solutions for Industry 4.0 and industrial automation. Not to mention how much this small device can simplify the work of its users.

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