EWDBInnovative synchronous servomotor

Featuring an integrated drive control unit, this synchronous servomotor combines compact dimensions with space-saving machine design and optimized wiring.
  • The low-voltage power supply (from 24 to 60 Vdc) simplify the connections structure of the axis with simple connectors.
  • 4 IP65 industrial water-resistant metal connectors on the back, 2 on the top for fieldbus communication such as CANOpen or Profinet, and 2 on the bottom for I/O connection and power supply.
  • It can be used in different applications, from simple implementation functions to complex controls.
  • Based on motors with 60 mm flange, stall torque from 0.7 to 1.3 Nm with and without integrated gearbox.
  • No need to downgrade the unite in terms of performance or power delivered to the motor.
  • Thanks to the integrated SinCos feedback, the product has good speed accuracy and position control.
  • Easy commissioning thanks to the complete characterization of the motor.


These are EWD B main features:

  • Feedback: SinCos Encoder or Halls Sensor (mi da conferma Carlo)
  • Fieldbus: CAN DS402 or Profinet IO or ETHERNET IP
  • 4 digital Inputs
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Easy set-up

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Voltage Supply Power Stage (Vdc)24 ... 60
Voltage Supply Control Stage (Vdc)24
Output Power (W)400800
Continuous Output Current (A)10
Peak Output Current (for 2 s) (A)20
Motor Stall Torque (Nm)0.71.3
Motor Peak Torque (Nm)2.34
Motor Nominal Speed (rpm)25003000
Motor Inertia (kgcm²)0.130.23
Output Frequency (Hz)Up to 500
Switching Frequency PWM (kHz)8
Analogue Inputno
Digital Input4 x +24 Vdc (Drive Enable – Limit Switch 1, 2 – Homing)
Digital Outputno
Status LedFor status and alarms warning
FieldBUSCANopen – EtherCAT – EtherNet IP - ProfinetIO
ProtectionI²T, thermal
Connection TypeConnectors M17 for power and M12 for signal / fieldbus
Brake managementIntegrated; immediate stop or in ramp mode
Motor typesBrushless sinusoidal
Configuration driveSoftware Drivewatcher
Power Loss (W)7,2 @ stand-by – 24,3 @ I nominal
Operating Temperature (°C)0 … + 40 (not condensing)
Storage Temperature (°C)-25 … + 85
Humidity5% .. 85% (not condensing)
Altitude Up to 1000 m above sea level without derating
Protection degree IP 65
Certifications2014/35/UE - 2014/30/UE - 2011/65/UE –
CEI EN 61800-3 2005 - CEI EN 61800-2 - EI EN 61800-5-1 2009