Remote Assistance with Everyware 1.4: Find Out What’s New

Providing remote assistance with Everyware becomes even more convenient, thanks to more connectivity and to a faster configuration system.

With the new 1.4 update, just released by ESA Automation, the technology company introduces some very important new features, which will make your job even more efficient.

Thanks to Everyware 1.4 travel costs and time are gone. The remote assistance platform, part of the range of solutions for industrial automation Esaware, gives you the ability to monitor production plants and intervene wherever they are.

Discover all the features of Everyware platform.

Remote assistance with Everyware and Microsoft Azure Cloud

With the new version, Everyware maintenance platform moves to the Azure Cloud infrastructure of Microsoft. And this is the first big advantage of the 14 Everyware update.

Such integration guarantees a qualitative leap in terms of connectivity and achievability.

So it is clear that the evolution of Everyware remote assistance platform carries on and strengthen those goals that have always been fundamental for this solution. In particular, the will to improve the operator’s job, making it easier and more punctual, giving them the possibility to modify and intervene on the production plants that need their assistance.

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, now the remote assistance with Everyware guarantees even more connectivity. In fact, Azure is the perfect Cloud solution to host our platform, since it has proven extraordinary openness.

In fact, Microsoft has been nominated two consecutive years as best Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Cloud Storage Services.

Everyware remote assistance 1.4: openness and flexibility

As we have seen, among the new features of Crew editor, it has been introduced the possibility to configure SMS and email in relation to any event that may happen in Runtime.

Well, all SMS and email management configured on Crew goes through the Everyware remote assistance platform. Such characteristic makes it really easy to configure messages with maximum flexibility.

Furthermore, by using Everyware you can send your SMSs to the whole world at the same fixed cost.

That is why we talk about openness and flexibility without limits. Everyware is the perfect platform in todays industrial scenario. Multinational, delocalized plants and international markets are the reality we live in, and companies need a platform that allows them to give or receive assistance everywhere, without enormous costs.

This is exactly the direction taken by the new update of Everyware remote assistance. For a more punctual control of your production plant.

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