Servo Drive ESA: Our Servo Drive Systems

Today, each element of a production plant plays a key role in creating an Industry 5.0-ready system. Servo drives are no exception since they are the heart of the control of an electric motor. ESA introduces a complete range of servo drives ideal for accurate and dynamic motion control. A line of solutions designed to improve the efficiency, precision and flexibility of the machinery used in production processes.

Main benefits of ESA servo drives

Precision and Control

In many aspects, ESA servo drives constitute the nerve center of automation. In fact, they allow extremely precise control over the speed, position, and torque of the motor, and therefore over the movements of the machinery. In industrial processes, this level of precision is critical to ensuring the quality of the final product, as even small deviations can lead to significant problems, waste, or delays.


Our technicians have designed and developed ESA servo drives with maximum flexibility in mind. As a result, they can adapt to multiple environments and working conditions. Thanks to their programmability, it is possible to easily change production specifications and must replace or completely reorganize the machinery. Additionally, they can seamlessly adjust parameters to accommodate varying loads, speeds, and motion profiles.


Sustainability is a key theme in Industry 5.0 and the efficiency of production processes is what can make the difference in this direction. Starting from energy efficiency. In fact, by configuring the drives to dynamically adapt to load and speed requirements, it is possible to ensure that the motor consumes only the energy necessary to perform a given task. This significantly reduces the overall waste and consumption of the system.

Servo Drive ESA: compact and precise solutions


EWDB is our complete synchronous servomotor with integrated control unit. The device combines compact dimensions with the decentralized drive concept, to save space and optimize the cabling on the machine. Furthermore, it can be immediately connected to multiple fieldbuses.

Features and functionality:

  • Low voltage powered frequency converter (24 to 60 Vdc) simplifies the structure of the axis connections.
  • 4 industrial IP65 water-resistant metal connectors on the back, 2 at the top for fieldbus communication such as CANopen, Profinet, EthernetIp or EtherCAT and 2 at the bottom for I/O and power connections.
  • Based on 60mm flange motors, 0.7Nm 1.3Nm or 1.6Nm stall torque with or without integrated gearbox.
  • It is not necessary to downgrade the unit in terms of both performance and power output.
  • Thanks to the integrated SinCos type feedback, the product has an excellent performance in precision and control of the position at speed.
  • Simple commissioning thanks to the complete characterization of the motor.


Compact, cost-effective and efficient, these are the main characteristics of EWDU, ESA’s single-axis servo drive. Designed to control different types of motors, it stands out for its extreme ease of configuration.

Features and functionality:

  • Low voltage power supply from 24 to 60 Vdc.
  • Reading of different types of motor feedback.
  • Control of brushless or direct current servomotors
  • Dual CPU for fast response times.
  • Control firmware capable of: dynamic engine braking control; torque and positioning control with high dynamics; speed regulation with adjustable ramps.
  • Easy setup with Drivewatcher software.
  • Pre-installed ESA engine database.


This is the new version of the historic ESA servo drive. The product is designed to offer an excellent performance and price ratio to control small-medium sized brushless servomotors powered by 230 Vac and with nominal power up to 1 kWkW. Finally, it is complete with STO SIL2 and EtherCAT and CANopen fieldbuses.