SPS IPC Drives 2017: Looking into ESA Automation Success

Many news and great attendance: again this year, ESA Automation has successfully engaged the visitors of the SPS IPC Drives exhibition, thanks to its latest technological solutions for industrial automation

Parma – May 23, 23 and 23 2017. A few weeks has gone by since the conclusion of SPS IPC Drives 2017, the major Italian exhibition on industrial automation. It has been the perfect occasion to present all the latest developments of ESA Automation and its line Esaware. A stage of great prestige – the most important on the Italian scene – that every year gives us the opportunity to have a voice in our Country and to meet many experts and people that are interested to find out what new solutions we have in store for the future of the industry.

This seventh edition has been increansed of 20%, + 16% in terms of visitors. Flattering data, but not surprising: because never before has such a fast, relevant and engaging change happened.

The Industry 4.0 involves all sectors and it has started a transformation both in the way we “think industry” and in the way we “do industry”. This was exactly what ESA Automation proposed during the exhibition and this new way of conceiving technology in industrial automation has strongly influenced the new ESA Automaton products of the Esaware line.

ESA Automation = “all inclusive” innovation presented at SPS Parma 2017

“All inclusive” offer of ESA Automation at SPS IPC Drives 2017 is particularly interesting and attractive.

ESA Automation offer  is a wide range  of products in terms of variety and performances: HMI, IPC, servo systems, servo motors and numerical controls for harsh applications and in fields such as wood, glass, marble, laser cutting and metal bending.
In the last years, ESA Automation has developed more and more software expertise, developing  SoftPLC, new algorithms for CNC and the new range of smart meter and data manager.
Beyond in order to remotely control and supervise machines and industrial plants, ESA Automation has developed a system based on cloud computing, that supplys customers dedicated and over-protected servers.

In conclusion, another year of innovation, exchange and success, shaed by ESA Automation with thousands of visitors thanks to the organizers of SPS IPC Drives 2017.

Watch ESA Automation video at SPS IPC Drives 2017.