SPS Italia 2022: News and Previews

SPS Italia 2022 “We love to go live” was officially presented. The reference fair for the smart, digital and flexible industry returns to Fiere di Parma from May 24th to 26th. People, technologies and perspectives are the focus of the 22nd edition, which will be a global opportunity to learn about new industrial trends and discuss the hottest topics of the industry of the future.

“Despite the difficult time we are experiencing at a global level, in reference to which I wanted to point out how Messe Frankfurt is adapting to the strategies proposed by international politics, a certain optimism revolves around the 2022 edition of SPS. There will be 6 exhibition pavilions and at the moment the reconfirmation rate of exhibitors is around 90% compared to the last appointment with the physical fair, in 2019. Another interesting fact is that the adhesion of new companies has grown to the point of touching 11%. These numbers are encouraging and testify that even today the fair is the preferred marketing tool for companies.” Said Donald Wich, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Italia

SPS 2022: people, technologies and perspectives

As anticipated, SPS Italia 2022 focuses on three main areas:


With the slogan “We love to go live”, the new edition underlines the importance, after the last two years, of putting people and meeting back at the center of the event. Key word: networking. Conferences, in-depth presentations, talks, and numerous opportunities to meet the main stakeholders and actors of the Italian manufacturing fabric. But also workshops and training moments.


The District 4.0 path keeps growing with the opportunity to participate in industrial solutions and technologies demos. The thematic areas addressed this year are: ‘Digital & Software’, with particular attention to communication infrastructures (5G), ‘Robotics and Mechatronics’, ‘Additive Manufacturing’, ‘Advanced Automation’.

“Additive technologies played a leading role in the industrial sector during the pandemic, supporting a resilient and flexible production system, responding to the criticalities of the supply chain. A set of technologies with digital DNA, in support of the twin transitions, on the one hand the green one, on the other the digital one. So, promising that they are named in the PNRR, as key technologies for the future of a circular and sustainable Made in Italy, opening up new challenges for the world of research and industry.” At the press conference, Bianca Maria Colosimo, Professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Milano and member of the Technical Committee Messe Frankfurt Italia, commented.


In industry, there is no future without sustainability. Hence the new common thread across the various application sectors introduced by SPS 2022. That is, that of industrial sustainability and digital technologies in support of sustainable transformation. Many initiatives revolve around this theme, such as the Observatory in collaboration with the Partners ANIE Energia, Porsche Consulting and CIM 4.0.

“The digital transition transforms sustainability from cost to value. The PNRR is the activator of a sustainable evolution process for the country: a systemic approach is needed in which in particular the industrial, energy, technological and institutional sectors move in unison with a shared and integrated solution plan” Daniele Napoleoni , Associate Partner Porsche Consulting.