States General: the Factory 4.0 Plus Plan

The States General of the economy have concluded after a week of meetings focusing on the relaunching Italy’s economy post-coronavirus. Factory 4.0 Plus is a plan of investments on the frontier technologies of Industry 4.0.

Companies will play a central role in the recovery of the Italian economy. Including those that have outsourced part of their production activities abroad, and to which the government will dedicate a series of tax incentive policies hoping to bring them back.

States General and Factory 4.0 + to revive the Italian economy

The Factory 4.0 Plus plan is one of the future commitments set by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Its main focus are frontier technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence applied to business, blockchain, and Cloud computing.

“We are aiming for large investments in frontier technologies: artificial intelligence, blockchain, Cloud computing. We need investments and we want to accompany companies for sustainable production.” Economic Development Minister Stefano Patuanelli said.

In short, the Industry 4.0 plan’s main goal is corporate digitalization. This is why the issue of broadband is part of the country’s relaunch program, an essential requirement of technological infrastructure for a digitalized future.

To succeed in its goals, the Factory 4.0 + plan promotes the modernization of businesses (SMEs and startups included) with a series of incentives and investments. “We will try to make structural all incentives for companies that show a marked vocation and propensity for digitization, sustainability and artificial intelligence.” Said Conte during his press conference at the end of the States General.

The goal is not only to bring Italy back to the pre-crisis Covid productivity levels, but to transform this situation into an opportunity for growth and improvement. “Bringing the level of public investment and private investment above pre-crisis levels” to support innovation. Only in this way will it be possible to guarantee companies the necessary resources to implement new ideas and solutions from an Industry 4.0 perspective in order to make Italian production more competitive and technologically advanced.

ESA and corporate digitalization

When it comes to business digitalization, ESA has always been committed to creating industrial automation solutions based on the principles of Industry 4.0 and IoT.

From Everyware remote assistance platform to energy management products, ESA’s goal is to promote a more open, interconnected and sustainable production future.