Super and Iper-depreciation for investments in Industry 4.0 assets

Thanks to the so called super and iper-depreciation for purchases of devices and software for the Industry 4.0, now it’s the best time in Italy to invest in efficiency and in technology.

With tax breaks of 140% and 250%, the Italian Budget Law 2017 sends a clear massage.

It’s time to really enter in the future of industry.

What are the super-depreciation and iper-depreciation for the Industry 4.0

The reason why companies like ESA Automation have been operating and producing according to the principles of the Industry 4.0, is that soon they will be the standard.

This is what emerges from the initiative planned by the Italian Budget Law 2017, which clearly aims to encourage firms to invest “in new instrumental assets, in tangible and intangible assets (software and IT systems), that are functional to the technological and digital transformation of the production processes.”

Therefore, the super and iper-depreciation are meant for companies that purchase assets for the Industry 4.0.

Specifically, the iper-depreciation is a 250% overvaluation on the investments for buying or leasing new tangible assets, devices and technologies that promote “progress 4.0”.

On the other hand, the super-depreciation is a 140% overvaluation on the purchases and leases of new instrumental assets. An incentive to companies’ productive investments thanks to an increase in tax depreciation.

This represents quite a tax saving, when you consider that for every € 10,000 spent on new equipment, you can get a tax depreciation of € 14,000.

Budget Law 2017: facilitations include the purchase of new software for the industry 4.0

The benefits of the iper-depreciation for investments on assets for Industry 4.0 are not over.

Companies can also obtain facilitations for purchasing intangible capital goods. In other words, for the purchase of software.

This is also a huge advantage under an Industry 4.0 point of view, since software and Cloud systems are what make the difference today.

In fact, this is a production context in which accessibility is necessary and that is based on the Internet of Things principles.

Devices are no longer measured only in terms of performance, but also for their ability to exchange information in an automatic way and thus to facilitate the operator’s work. The goal is to increase the efficiency of the production process.

And in this regard, with the super and iper-depreciation on Industry 4.0 assets purchases, now is the perfect time to invest in our Esaware hi-tech solutions for industrial automation. Software included!

For example, the Crew SCADA: ideal for programming HMI and IPC devices in an intuitive and fast way.

Overall, the Italian Budget Law 2017 for super and iper-depreciation, encourages firms to invest in new Industry 4.0 technologies. But above all, it unequivocally highlights the need to take action towards a more sustainable industrial future.

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