The Accessibility of the ESA Automation Cloud and MQTT Protocol

Do you want to be competitive and successful in the Industry 4.0?

Then to be able to access anytime the data and devices of your production facility is the key to do so.

This is why the accessibility of the ESA Automation Cloud and the MQTT protocol used in this service are two essential technologies for your production plant.

It is an efficient and easy solution to instantly view all your HTML5 content and, at the same time, to minimize downtimes.

Why you should use the ESA Automation Cloud in your production facility

It’s a fact: the future of industry depends on the efficiency and flexibility of the technology used in the production process. For example, the Esaware solutions for industrial automation such as our HMIs and SoftPLC.

In fact, the very concept of Industry 4.0 rests on the connectivity principle of the Internet of Things.

What is it about? In short, the IoT consists in the highest availability of data and information.

Specifically, it entails the ability of the devices connected to a system, to access the information of the production plant to which they belong (for example, energy consumption data), and to automatically use and exchange it among themselves.

Thus, it is clear how the accessibility of the ESA Automation Cloud plays a key role in this scenario.

Yes, because it is necessary, for increasing data accessibility, to have an architecture that allows to save, process and exchange these data. In this case, the ESA Automation Cloud service.

There’s more: efficiency is another important element in the Industry 4.0 connected to the IoT.

The ultimate goal of data exchange automation within a system, is the efficiency of the production process, which becomes a competitive advantage.

In fact, ESA Automation has repeatedly presented sustainability in terms of sustainable business.

To use innovative and user-friendly technological solutions, such as the ESA Automation Cloud with MQTT protocol, allows to increase the operational efficiency, which has an impact on the way we do business and provides multiple benefits for your company.

For example, savings in resources and increased productivity.

Characteristics and accessibility of the ESA Automation Cloud with MQTT protocol

As explained during the Forum Meccatronica 2016, the accessibility of the ESA Automation Cloud with MQTT protocol allows you to “ensure efficiency and user-friendliness according to a Internet of Things and Internet of Services logic, in order to anticipate the needs of the sector and the market trends of Industry 4.0”.

Among the main characteristics of the ESA Automation Cloud service you can find:

  • Instant access to data on the system.
  • + 25% of annual productivity.
  • Display of HTML5 content on browser.
  • Downtime cuts.

Furthermore, the ESA Automation team has decided to incorporate the MQTT protocol into our Cloud solution: a fast messaging protocol thanks to which devices can communicate with remote systems in an efficient and asynchronous way.

Such a choice is meant to offer full compatibility with any device and with any management software.

Visit our products section to learn more about the accessibility of the ESA Automation Cloud with MQTT protocol.