The Accessibility of the ESA Automation Cloud and MQTT Protocol

In the Industry 4.0 Cloud computing and the accessibility that such technology represents are two key points.

In this industrial panorama, in order to be competitive, companies have to update their production process and systems to the new standards of efficiency and openness.

This is why ESA Automation has developed its own Cloud service with MQTT protocol, that allows users to access data from any mobile device, at any time and with extreme ease.

A fast and safe solution, that contributes to the digitalization of the company and therefore to a more efficient and optimized approach to industry.

MQTT protocol and the Internet of Things

Here on the ESA Automation blog – and in regards to all products of the Esaware line for industrial automation – we have talked about the Internet of Things quite a lot. And how couldn’t we, when it’s one of the fundamental principles on which the Industry 4.0 is based.

The Internet of Things requires total connectivity among the devices of a production facility, which can access data and exchange them in a completely free and automatic way. Without the need for the operator’s intervention.

Such principle reflects the goal of the ESA Automation Cloud, that is meant to guarantee constant access to all information of each plant.

For this to become possible, however, complete openness is necessary. And here is where the MQTT comes into play, because it offers full compatibility with any management and planning device and software.

In fact, the MQTT protocol allows the achievement of the Internet of Things in industrial automation. A “delivery warranty” of data among devices.

Such data are then saved on the ESA Automation Cloud, so that they can be analyzed, used and exchanged before they become obsolete.

Benefits of the ESA Automation Cloud and MQTT protocol

“MQTT is a light weight event and message oriented protocol that allows devices/sensors to communicate with remote systems in an efficient and asynchronous fashion; specially designed for resource constrained devices over unreliable networks with low-bandwidth and high-latency issues. “

In other words, it is an efficient alternative that makes connections among a high number of devices simpler and allows the transmission of data even on networks that are subject to frequent line interruptions.

Now it is clear how the MQTT protocol for the ESA Automation Cloud service is more than a simple characteristic. It is what makes it possible for it to function according to the Internet of Things principles.

Easy, safe, light and open, the MQTT protocol opens the door to the Industry 4.0 and optimizes the Cloud computing performances. Which means that it improves the entire performance of an production plant, maximizing the communication among machines.

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