The new generation of ESA I/O

ESA presents the update and expansion of its EW620 distributed I/O devices and EW610/ComRIO compact I/O devices, designed in Industry 4.0 key. With their advanced features, they meet the latest needs in industrial automation, robotics, factory production, and packaging and handling.

Ew620 Network Remote I/O

With the EW620 distributed I/O, ESA offers an efficient solution for the distributed control of field device signals. It features up to 63 modules and various fieldbuses each with unique characteristics, including EtherCAT, CANOpen, modBUS, ProfiNET and EthernetIP. Depending on the protocol used, the device allows for customized configuration based on the needs of your specific application.

EW620 stands out for its easy integration with the ESA platform consisting of HMI, control, and servo drive, as well as for its excellent price/performance ratio. In this way, the product is suitable for use in various applications and in markets that are not only industrial. Additionally, the Remove Terminal Block (RTB) harness and toolless system allow for easy maintenance and management of multiple patch cords. While the possibility of combining digital and analog modules without any procedure guarantees extreme ease of installation.

Among the innovations, ESA has introduced different types of couplers. Starting with one programmable in Codesys. These modules allow you to have an internal PLC logic for processing the input and output signals. It becomes possible to remote not only the connection to the field, but also part of the control application directly on the peripheral node.

To provide a more cost-effective option, the line also features light models that handle up to 16 modules. Ideal for applications that require fewer paired I/O modules. We have also added modules with special functions, such as the EW62T5521 model to control stepper motors and EW62T5212, 5232 and 5352 to manage serial input signals in different configurations. Finally, ESA has expanded the defined modules as system modules.

ESA ComRIO+EW610: remote and compact I/O

The EW610 and ComRIO remote I/Os are designed to be housed directly on the machine. Their strong points are above all their compactness, sturdiness, and ease of assembly. In fact, they guarantee high connection density without requiring excessive space inside the control cabinet.

Since they are housed in metal containers with wall or DIN rail fixing, they are suitable for any industrial environment. Even the heaviest. In addition, they are easy to install as they come with screw terminal connectors. Finally, ESA has inserted a new processor, with the possibility of customizing the firmware according to the customer’s specifications.