What does the future hold? The Main 2018 Industry Trends

Innovation and continuity: the new year has just begun, but it’s already clear what the main industry trends in 2018 are going to be. From zero waste to the fight against cyber attacks, these are the key ingredients that will define the new production.

More and more corporate digitalization

In 2018, Industry 4.0 still remains the helm of innovation. So, it is not surprising that its core principles, like IoT, are even more relevant in the new year. Thanks to technologies such as Cloud computing and faster networks, we can expect unprecedented levels of corporate digitization.

Circular economy 4.0

Waste turns into value. This is the principle of circular economy that stands out in 2018. Smart use of materials and resources, as well as the use of more efficient technologies and processes, are fundamental in future production. Companies commit to monitor their consumptions (i.e. energy), so as to optimize resources and reduce environmental and economic impact.

Augmented analytics

Great investments can be expected in analytics by technology giants such as Microsoft and SAS. Data circulation has been and will continue to be the engine of technological and productive innovation. This is why we need systems that are able to manage the ever-increasing volumes of information created by IoT.

Cyber security mission

The more data circulate on the network, the more security we need. Among 2018 industry trends, we will certainly hear a lot about cyber security. In fact, ESA Automation has recently released a version of Everyware that combines remote maintenance with IT security.

AI and industry

The introduction of artificial intelligence in manufacturing is an inevitable step in the implementation of Industry 4.0. The Smart Factory requires technologies that can think and learn, as well as acting. In the months to come, we will see a further evolution in the man-machine relationship, with AI systems increasingly present in industry.

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