Cloud Computing and Company Digitalization: the ESA Automation Solution

The new ESA Automation solution for Cloud computing and company digitalization marks a new step in the actualization of the principles of Industry 4.0 in industrial automation. In fact, thanks to this new data saving and exchanging online platform, production plants become an even more open and optimized system. Let’s see how.

Industry 4.0 and the company digitalization

The concepts of industry and company have evolved. Producers’ needs have changed and the technological resources offer new opportunities every day. That is why we talk about Industry 4.0. A reality that is based on the value of efficiency and that has conditioned the entire industrial automation sector. Specifically, among the key principles of Industry 4.0, we find the necessity of a completely automate production, with devices that are able to communicate and exchange data according to a IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) logic. How exactly? Through Cloud computing and company digitalization.

The ESA Automation Cloud solution for company digitalization

The ESA Automation Cloud system is a fast solution to access data and applications online. In other words, it simplifies data reachability for any device connected to the production plant and therefore makes the entire process more efficient and automatic.   Among its main technical characteristics, the usage of standard MQTT and AMQP protocols guarantees full compatibility with any management and programming device or software. For example, with all ERP, MRP and CRM systems. The result: superior openness.   After all, this is what leads to company digitalization through Cloud computing: more openness and data availability. The ESA Automation solution delivers this goal and offers several benefits for companies that operate in the industrial field.   First, among the main vantages of the ESA Automation Cloud, we can see how a totally automate and connected production allows to cut assistance time and machine downtimes.   The reason for this improvement is reachability of important data, which become accessible in any part of the world and through any device, both desktop and mobile.   That’s what company digitalization is all about: Cloud computing allows to surpass the physical limits of companies and production plants, which become digital. That is always and everywhere available just by using a normal browser that can display HTML5 contents.   Furthermore, it is now possible to automatically set up plants according to the product that has to be manufactured.   In conclusion, it is clear how Cloud computing and company digitalization through the ESA Automation solution offer concrete benefits to the industrial field and to companies. Starting with a relevant increase in average profitability of processes and by making them more efficient.   Industrial automation sustainability and the end of geographical barriers have always been basic values for the ESA Automation solutions. And its new Cloud system is no exception. Digitalization is the future and Cloud computing is the means with which to reach it.