Coronavirus Phase 2: Digital Technologies for Industrial Recovery

Which digital technologies will support phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency?

During quarantine, digitization and artificial intelligence have been at the forefront. From diagnosis to smart working and even testing possible treatments.

Now that phase 1 is over, we look to the future and how to support industrial recovery both effectively and safely. In every sector, companies are ready to put in place solutions that will restart productivity while respecting safety measures.

Digital technologies for company safety

The first step in resuming industrial and commercial activities is to ensure a safe working environment. The goal is to protect the health of employees and operators, and at the same time guarantee that products and services comply with health standards.

Many companies have already started using solutions designed for this purpose. For example, air purification and surface sanitization systems have been installed to eliminate over 90% of bacteria and viruses present in the environment.

Another very useful digital tool are termoscanners or thermographic cameras that perform a quick screening to check the body temperature of operators without the need for contact and in a matter of seconds. This shows how digital technologies can support phase 2 and make a difference in blocking or slowing down the virus.

IIoT, integrated systems and remote assistance

Social distancing and smart working are two key elements in the fight against COVID-19. Digital transformation can be useful in this area too.

The introduction of integrated systems based on IIoT principles makes it possible to keep the production plant functioning even in times of crisis. Just look at ESA’s remote assistance platform, Everyware. Thanks to this digital technology, operators can manage production plants remotely at any time. Quarantine or not.

This is exactly the kind of approach we need, especially today. It propels production into the future of Industry 4.0 and guarantees continuity and safety even in atypical conditions such as the coronavirus emergency.

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