ESA CNC Applications: Simple Management for Complex Machines Control

ESA CNC applications meet the need of increased usability and simplicity in controlling complex machines for processing different materials. Discover the benefits of our industrial computer numerical control applications.

Simple solutions for complex machines

In today’s industry, manufacturers need flexible and scalable all-in-one solutions for secure machine tool control. And that’s exactly what ESA provides with its CNC applications. Our goal is to simplify every type of processing – even the most complex – making it increasingly automatic.

After all, maximizing efficiency and automation in industrial processes is fundamental to live up to Industry 4.0 standards, and control simplicity is an essential element to do so. From this principle, our technicians have developed CNC solutions that allow extremely intuitive machining programming.

5 benefits of ESA CNC applications

1. Maximum intuitiveness

Thanks to the intense use of parametric macros, to obtain the final piece, all the operator has to do is to select its components from a menu of graphic objects representing the various processes. This visual support, together with the touch screen, guarantees maximum immediacy and intuitiveness.

2. Targeted solutions

ESA has developed CNC applications to meet the needs of any industrial sector. From the application for packaging, fundamental in the food sector, to the ceramic tile processing solution that guides the operator throughout the whole process, including the dosing of raw materials.

3. Everything you need in one solution

ESA has designed all-in-one applications that integrate PLC, CNC, HMI and IT Server functions in a single solution for maximum completeness. This further simplifies complex machines control.

4. Flexibility and modularity

Those who choose our solutions have access to a wide range of ESA Can Open expansions. This way, they are able to enhance the I/O equipment and the axes modularly, locally or remotely. Moreover, users can autonomously generate their own macros through sw modules (DXF2MACRO or DXF2ISO) and the Macro editor.

5. Training and testing

ESA provides a training service at all levels for its CNC applications. Furthermore, we carry out on-site testing to make sure that everything works as it’s supposed to.

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