Industrial PCs: how to protect your device from cyber-attacks

According to a study by Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT, in 2016 safety software solutions have blocked cyber-attacks on 39% of industrial PCs (source

These data are impressive, but they do not come as a surprise. In fact, today we are aware of the many threats crawling online (viruses, malwares, etc.) and it is no surprise that industrial plants aren’t immune to them. After all, in the Industry 4.0 company digitalization is a must and all machineries are connected to the network.

Luckily, a few solutions are available. There are ways to protect industrial PCs from cyber-attacks, keeping your activity safe. ESA Automation uses some of these solutions in its products.

The cyber-attacks threat

Today, to increase the digital safety of your production plant is necessary. But it is also a challenge: and not an easy one.

As the technology at the service of companies grows, so the threats that put their safety in danger do. Cyber-attacks to industrial PCs can cause unexpected costs and significant losses in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Even though eventually the problem gets solved, the downtimes and the necessary interventions have a negative impact on your activity.

This is why prevention is the best solution. In fact, the most effective way to protect your device from cyber-attacks is to install only devices that are design to prevent them. For example, the Esaware solutions for industrial automation.

3 ways to protect industrial PCs from cyber-attacks

Here’s some solutions to protect industrial PCs from cyber-attacks.

1. Use complex passwords.

Choosing an elaborated password is fundamental to protect data in your system. Hence, you should always use a combination of letters (capital and normal), numbers and symbols.

Otherwise, it’s like living your door open.

2. Restrict as much as possible access to your devices.

To limit, or even to disable, external access to the devices connected to your production plant is an effective way to protect your PCs.

For example, for its PC platforms, ESA Automation has thought of a tool that allows you to enable and disable USB ports. Users are thereby unable to compromise ESA Automation industrial PCs without knowing it.

3. Use TSL 1.2 protocol.

Among the digital safety strategies chosen by ESA Automation, using the encrypted TSL 1.2 protocol against cyber-attacks to industrial PCs is one of the most effective.

In industry, with ever growing volumes of sensible information travelling on the network, cryptography has a key role in preventing cyber-attacks. And it is with this goal that the TSL protocol (Transport Layer Security) protects communication and data exchange within the company line.

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